Reduce the spread of germs, save counter space and cut food-related waste with this individual utensil dispenser

by Brianna Crandall — July 29, 2021 — Waddington North America (WNA), a Novolex brand, recently announced that it is introducing new options for Cutlerease, an innovative dispenser that offers customers one disposable utensil at a time. The company also announced environmentally friendly compostable cups, plates and clamshell packaging.

Recognizing the need for an even more compact footprint, Cutlerease is now offered with single-, double- or triple-tower bases to hold forks, knives or spoons. This allows customers to choose dispensers holding one, two or three utensil types depending on their need. The tower base also can now be customized with logos, branding or advertising.

Novolex Cutlerease single utensil dispenser

Cutlerease’s compact footprint saves counter space and reduces refill frequency, now with 1 to 3 tower bases for different utensils, and custom branding. Image courtesy Novolex

A patented dispensing system, Cutlerease is designed to reduce the spread of germs, curtail waste, save space and make it simple for staff and customers to get their utensils. The dispensing system features refill packs to make restocking easy and sanitary because they do not require an employee to touch the cutlery.

With Cutlerease, users simply pull on the handle of the spoon, fork or knife that they want. After the utensil is removed, another pops out, ready for the next person. That way, each guest only touches the utensil they are taking.

Janis Kovarovic, senior product manager of WNA, stated:

Cutlerease brings the best of all possible worlds for foodservice operators: It delivers utensils in a clean and simple way, dispensing the exact amount needed. And now with single and double towers, plus branding and advertising, Cutlerease is even more versatile.

Popular with restaurants, stadiums and hospitals, and useful for other cafeteria settings, Cutlerease allows foodservice operators to mix and match utensils. For example, with the triple base, a stadium could offer a fork-knife-spoon tower combination. Now with the new single- and double-base options, an ice cream store or coffee bar could serve up just spoons with a single tower; or with a double base, a pizza restaurant could offer forks and knives.

Cutlerease’s compact footprint is designed to save significant counter space and reduce refill frequency by holding up to 360 pieces of cutlery. It features a red indicator tab to reveal when cutlery is low and time to reload. No batteries or electrical outlets are required, allowing operators to place Cutlerease wherever guests are best served. The system has no trays or levers, further reducing the transfer of germs.

By now offering custom adhesive stickers, companies can showcase their brand directly on the sides of the dispenser. Each side of the tower can be easily customized with logos, branding, advertising or promotions. WNA has an in-house creative team for design needs.

A short video highlighting Cutlerease’s features can be seen on YouTube. To learn more about Cutlerease, visit the WNA website.

Compostable cups, plates and clamshells

Novolex also recently announced environmentally friendly additions to its product lines: the company launched a new production line in Chattanooga, Tennessee to manufacture compostable cold beverage cups made from a plant-based plastic; and the Delivery Hero local delivery platform is partnering with Novolex’s Eco-Products to launch a new global Sustainable Packaging Program providing Eco-Products’ groundbreaking new line of plant-based plates and clamshells that can be composted.

Novolex develops and manufactures diverse packaging and food service products for multiple industries ranging from grocery, food packaging, restaurant and retail to medical applications and building supplies. The Novolex family of brands provides customers innovative paper and plastic solutions for their business needs today while investing in research and development to engineer more sustainable choices for the future. With more than 10,000 employee families, Novolex operates 56 manufacturing centers and administrative offices in North America and Europe, including two world-class plastic film recycling facilities.