See if Xicato’s lighting and controls are now available to boost smart building projects in your region of the world

by Brianna Crandall — July 21, 2021 — Xicato, a Silicon Valley-based provider of high-quality spot and linear light sources and controls, announced partnerships in recent months with firms around the U.S., Canada, Europe and Asia to sell its lighting and lighting controls products to support smart building projects.

Xicato lighting and lighting controls at Museon on the Hague

Xicato lighting for the Museon on the Hague makes navigation easier, and the control panel provides scene creation for cleaning or service, and outputs settings for each fixture and exhibit. Image courtesy Xicato

Xicato says it is defining the future of smart buildings by delivering a broad portfolio of high-quality, high-performing, reliable spot and linear light sources; world-class LED drivers; and other wirelessly connected intelligent devices including sensors, switches, gateways, controls electronics, and software; plus, installation and commissioning services.

Xicato products are said to inspire architects, designers and building owners to dream up and create more beautiful and healthier environments with smarter and more connected experiences. With an installed base of over 10 million nodes, spanning thousands of locations in over 30 countries, and backed by a strong team of innovators based in Silicon Valley, Xicato continues to stay ahead of customer needs in a variety of verticals including world-renowned museums and cathedrals, retail shops and hotels, offices and hospitals.

U.S. Midwest

The company’s most recent announcement was for a strategic partnership with BR Lighting & Controls, a manufacturers’ representative firm, to promote and sell the broad Xicato portfolio of lighting and controls solutions to customers and building project owners in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana.

BR Lighting & Controls has almost 60 years of experience in lighting sales and are well-known in the tri-state region for their top-notch customer service. Xicato’s expansive portfolio of premium flexible linear lighting, XFL, supported by Xicato’s Smart Bluetooth wireless controls, is a winning combination with BR Lighting & Controls’ technology solution-oriented approach to smart building projects in their 2 million plus populated region, says the company.

BR Lighting & Controls acts as professional sales representatives for lighting manufacturers in the areas of commercial, industrial, landscape and decorative lighting. The firm’s knowledgeable staff works with architectural firms, lighting designers, electrical engineering firms, electrical contractors, electrical distributors and end users to assist selecting the proper lighting product for a variety of applications. They provide writing specification, design consulting, site surveys, energy audits & rebate application assistance, plus customer service for repair and maintenance.

Around the U.S. and the world

Xicato also announced partnerships in recent months with the following agencies in the regions specified:

  • LaaS (Lighting as a Service), a lighting representative firm, for Indonesia
  • Exceedation, an international sales and business development agency, for Austria, Germany and Switzerland (DACH region of Europe; Central Europe)
  • California Lighting Sales (CLS), a manufacturers’ representative firm, for southern California.
  • CW Lighting in Houston, TX; Design Build Lighting in San Antonio and Austin, TX, area, and Smith Lighting in Oklahoma; all manufacturers’ representative agencies
  • Kucko, a division of “The Fourth Dimension Conspiracy” group and headquartered in Sweden, for the Nordics region (northern Europe)
  • STL Lighting, located in the greater Toronto area of Ontario, Canada, and Boston Light Source, covering Eastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island in the U.S.; both manufacturers’ representative agencies

For more information about Xicato lighting and lighting controls products, visit the company’s website.