Premium Edition

A full-featured benchmarking solution that enables you to analyze detailed building data and compare it to other similar buildings. More...

Starter Edition

For those who are new to benchmarking or who have limited time to collect data but still want the benefits of benchmarking. More...

Query Edition

A fast, inexpensive way to get started benchmarking — simply "query" our database to see how your metrics compare to others. More...

Are you spending too much to manage your facilities?

FM BENCHMARKING offers three inexpensive, easy-to-use products — Premium, Starter, and Query — to help you assess your building's performance, set goals, reduce your operating costs, justify your budget, improve work processes, and negotiate successfully with contractors. • 301.365.1600 •

After 10 years of benchmarking and implementing best practices, the median company reduces its operating costs by 31% and its energy consumption costs by 40%.

Cost savings achieved after benchmarking for 10 yearsEnergy savings achieved after benchmarking for 10 years

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FM BENCHMARKING is for facility and organization executives, professional facility managers, service providers, consultants, and associations.