• Emote

    Emote transforms the private office into the creative office, one with a fresh look and the freedom to function in multiple ways.

  • Bene Box

    Teknion Bene Box is the ideal multi-functional modular furnishing system, creating flexible options for any room, and for an entire floor plan.

  • Tek Booth

    Tek Booth’s combination of acoustic privacy, fine-tuned interiors and virtually unmatched array of interior and exterior finish options set it apart.

  • Navigate

    Teknion is expanding its Height-Adjustable Bench product line to include a Navigate-based offering. The same modern design found in the Built-In and Freestanding versions of Navigate are used throughout HAB Navigate.

  • Teknion Reception

    Teknion Reception takes an innovative design approach in addressing how public and private spaces are blending. To encourage customization, the program offers five distinct starting points of unique desks, bar tops and consoles.

  • C+D Conference Table

    The C+D (Craft+Design) Conference Table program brings an artisanal focus back into the boardroom, while addressing the various connectivity needs of the contemporary workplace.

  • Expansion Casegoods

    Expansion Case Goods introduces several new height adjustable options, including this peninsula base which has a smaller profile (12.5” wide) vs the bevel base (24”-36” wide). Additional U shaped run offs are also available.

  • Sprout

    Danish designer Thomas Pedersen has combined classic organic lines with innovative ideas and simple details to create the Sprout Stool & Table Collection. Inspired by nature, stools and tables are perfect for use in workplaces, phonebooths, cafeterias, cafes, retail and educational settings.

  • Just-Us

    Just-Us is an easy-to-use, contemporary chair designed for applications that span touchdown workstations, meeting rooms and enclaves, to the home office. Minimal controls enable multiple users to quickly and comfortably meet, or get to work.

  • Naava Healthtech Green Wall

    The result of a new partnership between Naava and Teknion, the Naava Healthtech Green Wall enables office workers to connect with nature, creating healthier, happier and more inspiring workplaces. More than a beautiful living wall - it's also an efficient biological air purifier, humidifier and space divider.

  • Freehand from Studio TK

    Freehand occasional tables were designed around the free-flowing pencil of an artist. The inspiration is the juxtaposition of a super mechanical process of extruding aluminum to these forms that are organic and imperfect, and flow from one piece to the next.

  • Future Tense from Luum Textiles

    The Future Tense collection by Suzanne Tick highlights Luum Textiles' progressive approach to textile design and an emphasis on super scale and the duality of materials. These new fabrics are grounded in industrial design, celebrating advances in conscious manufacturing and sustainability.

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