FMLink Newsletter — Maintenance and Operations — May 21, 2020

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This newsletter covers operations and maintenance news from April 16 through May 20, 2020.


FMLink e-book for building and facilities managers identifies strategies for reoccupying buildings safely (Products and Services » Publications » Workplace Strategies)

Do ticks and mosquitoes transmit COVID-19? And how is wet weather affecting pest activity? (Surveys and Trends)

Using filters for maintenance benchmarks (Benchmarking » FM BENCHMARKING)

Ready to reopen? CDC provides guidance on cleaning and disinfecting businesses, schools and public spaces (Products and Services » Publications)

See how the coronavirus is impacting pest activity — it could be a problem for you (Associations and Organizations)

ASHRAE offers guidance on how to operate and maintain HVAC systems to minimize exposure to coronavirus (Products and Services » Publications)

Moving to data-driven facility management with analytics (White Papers » SkyFoundry)
Pictures of equipment are pretty – but you have too many!

Keeping workers safe — OSHA offers current compliance guidance, COVID-19 posters, infection prevention tips for specific industries (Products and Services » Publications)

What facility managers should ask of their cleaning professionals during this pandemic (Sustainability » Ashkin Group)

Wondering how to disinfect your furniture safely to help prevent COVID-19? Teknion offers guidance (Corporate and Organization » Developments)

Green scene: Driving efficiency and sustainability with smart restroom solutions (Magazines » BOMA)

6 steps to safely reopen your workplace, from Cushman & Wakefield (Products and Services » Publications)

For consistent calculation of rentable square footage in industrial buildings, see BOMA’s updated floor measurement standard (Products and Services » Publications)

Reopening safely — Check out AIHA’s critical guidance for enhanced cleaning and ventilation (Products and Services » Publications)

A facilities manager’s guide to reopening and occupying buildings safely (White Papers)
What needs to be done now, short-term, and long-term


Disinfection protocol for N95 masks developed by United Hospital Center, WV, using Xenex LightStrike robot

If your facility needs to reuse N95 masks, 3M has confirmed this robot can disinfect theirs safely (Cleaning Equipment & Supplies » Products and Services)

See if you can get some ideas for a healthy reopening from what Delos did for the Vatican (Contract Awards)

FMLink e-book for building and facilities managers identifies strategies for reoccupying buildings safely (Products and Services » Publications » Workplace Strategies)

Trouble locating disinfectant? Find out how the City of Austin is producing a healthcare-grade cleaner onsite (Contract Awards)

Proper hand hygiene is a top defense against the spread of germs. Find out how this hand dryer can help (Products and Services » Restroom Equipment and Supplies)

Need landscaping, grounds or snow removal services? See what this company’s expansion and rebranding can do for you (Corporate and Organization » Developments)

See how this mobile-friendly CMMS can help digitize workflows for managing remote, no-contact FM teams (Products and Services » Software & Technology)

Find out how this multi-site platform will integrate security management through a single interface for a business with 29 locations (Products and Services » Security)

If you need to combine all your security functions and data into one user interface to make your buildings safer, check out this access control solution (Products and Services » Security)