FMLink Newsletter — Software — April 30, 2020

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This newsletter covers software and technology news from March 19 through April 29, 2020.


Benchmarking energy use best practices – Part 2 (Benchmarking » FM BENCHMARKING)
Identifying the best practices that will have the most impact on your facility

The best of both worlds: Creating a secure loading dock while increasing efficiency (Magazines » FMJ)

Managing staff and tenant concerns in IoT deployments (White Papers » Microshare)
Best practices in messaging and risk management in the post-COVID-19 business environment

Green scene: Driving efficiency and sustainability with smart restroom solutions (Magazines » BOMA)

Are you looking for industry guidance and best practices to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic? FMLink is now listing relevant webinars on our Calendar (Products and Services » Webinars, Education and Training)


Find out how you can effectively manage COVID-19 related incidents with Archibus’s EH&S app — free for the next 18 months (Products and Services » Software & Technology)

If you need to repaint a wall or furniture, this integrated app and device take much of the guesswork out of color selection (Products and Services » Software & Technology)

RAD's ROAMEO mobile security robot

See how mobile security robots can be used to provide situational awareness for pandemic first responders (Products and Services » Security)

If you need to keep on top of potential trouble in your facility (chemicals, vaping/smoking, gunshots, etc.), check out this new technology (Products and Services » Security)

See how this BAS appliance leverages energy valve data to help you quickly improve building performance (Products and Services » Software & Technology)

See how your security company can get better remote visibility into your intrusion detection systems with this update (Products and Services » Security)

Find out how this multi-site platform will integrate security management through a single interface for a business with 29 locations (Products and Services » Security)

Be prepared to manage people flow when your facility reopens — this technology monitors crowd density and social distancing (Products and Services » Software & Technology)

If you need lots of local storage in an all-in-one surveillance solution, this one now offers up to 250GB (Products and Services » Security)

See how this 3D surveillance technology can boost your situational awareness — without staring at a wall of screens (Products and Services » Security)

If you need easy access to large volumes of video data, check out these security cameras with on-board analytics (Products and Services » Security)

If you need to combine all your security functions and data into one user interface to make your buildings safer, check out this access control solution (Products and Services » Security)