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Elevator security and safety
All property management personnel share responsibility for the security and safety of the people in their building.

A facilities manager’s duties often include specifying and purchasing office furniture, supplies, and other products and equipment relating to building interiors. This may comprise an initial interior build-out when a company moves into a space, or replacement due to normal wear-and-tear, or additional item as a company grows and/or changes office configurations, particularly in an era of adjustments such as those due to Covid-19 and transitioning to hybrid workplaces.

Today's office workers are coming to expect chairs that don't make their arms or back hurt, paint and flooring that doesn't off-gas harmful VOCs, and furniture and building materials that don't harm the planet.

FMLink created the Furnishings and Interiors topics channel to collect and provide FMs with the articles and resources about facility furnishings and equipment they need to choose safe, ergonomic, comfortable, and sustainable furniture and furnishings to support building occupants in their daily tasks, leading to a more positive workplace experience, improved worker productivity and increased employee retention.

This channel provides resources and articles on furnishings and interiors equipment that helps create an optimal environment for most commercial interiors, from offices, manufacturing plants, warehouses and data centers to healthcare facilities, education campuses and special government facilities.

FMLink’s Furnishings and Interiors topic channel covers:

  • Cable and wire management products;
  • Carpeting and flooring;
  • Products related to ceilings, walls and doors, including office partitions and privacy/meeting pods;
  • Electronic communications and audiovisual (AV) equipment;
  • Furniture and accessories to improve ergonomics;
  • Office furniture, furnishings and accessories;
  • Furniture, lighting, structures and elements to optimize outdoor spaces;
  • Architectural products related to interior build-out;
  • Lighting and lighting controls;
  • Restroom fixtures, equipment and supplies;
  • Signage / wayfinding products and technology;
  • Sound-masking products and technology;
  • “Green” products and more.