How to Send Press Releases to FMLink

Share your organization’s news and products with an international network of FM professionals.

Please send industry-related press releases via e-mail to:

Send a Microsoft Word document or embed the news in the body of the e-mail. Photos of new products may be sent as attachments; these should be either JPG or GIF low-resolution (72 dpi) files, so they can be published on the Web (size no greater than 500 pixels wide). No pictures of people, please!

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Press releases we like to receive: New products and services, major enhancements to existing ones; mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures and other such corporate developments; original survey and trend data; contract awards.

News topics that we don’t usually cover: Personnel moves and appointments, opening of a new office, company financial data, user group meetings, webinars. If you wish to promote a webinar or other corporate event, ask us about using our e-mail list and webinar promotion package. Contact the publisher,

Submitting white papers and case studies

White papers and case studies are the best way to present scholarly articles and case studies to FMLink visitors. They tie in to our search engines and are promoted on our e-newsletter, Home page, and the Latest Postings pages. Because FMLink is published continuously and is topic-specific, you no longer have to wait for an issue to be published with an appropriate theme. Simply submit your article when you want, with assurance that it will be accepted. We charge a nominal fee to publish white papers and case studies on FMLink; there is no requirement to participate in our advertising programs. For more information, e-mail us at

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