Durable, customizable mobile glass panels from Arden Studio double as a collaborative writing surface and a noise-dampening privacy partition

by Brianna Crandall — April 29, 2022 — Design-focused glass manufacturer Arden Studio, officially launched in 2021 to create elegant and safer spaces in shared settings as workers return to a transformed workplace, recently announced the multifunctional Mobl glass panels. Mobl joined Arden Studio’s existing Haven glass partitions as winners of 2021 GOOD DESIGN Awards in the Furniture category.

Mobl glass panels

Mobl glass panels double as a writing surface and partition. An elegant workplace solution, Mobl offers infinite possibilities for reconfiguring shared spaces, creating opportunities for both private and collaborative moments.

Arden Studio Mobl glass panels

Mobl durable, customizable mobile glass panels double as a collaborative, magnetic writing surface and a noise-dampening privacy partition. Image courtesy of Arden Studio

Mobl’s writing surface was designed to “sit proud of the frame,” says Arden Studio, allowing light to hit the glass edge and bringing the beauty of the glass surface to life with subtle highlights and shadows. Mobl’s 4mm Fineline glass board is made of tempered Starphire Ultra-Clear glass for clarity.

The panel also provides a strong magnetic surface and an optimal writing experience by minimizing shadows for improved visibility and readability.

More than a writing surface, Mobl provides visual and acoustic privacy in open spaces. Connecting multiple panels creates flexible meeting spaces and impromptu sanctuaries for creation or ideation. Featuring large 2.5″ casters, the versatile panels can easily transport creative ideas to different parts of the office or classroom after a productive brainstorming session.

With the option of adding 100% post-consumer PET Felt Acoustic Panels, Mobl can dampen noise in a busy office and provide a quiet shelter to promote deep focus and allow staff to work with fewer distractions. The panels also feature sleek integrated storage for markers and erasers within the panel, enabling easy access to tools while maintaining a seamless profile.

Arden Studio Mobl single glass panel with PET panel

Optional PET Felt Acoustic Panels can dampen office noise to help provide focus areas; Mobl panels also feature sleek integrated storage for markers and erasers. Image courtesy of Arden Studio

Using water-based paints, these Greenguard certified (for low chemical emissions) panels can be customized with 150+ color options or color-matched. They can be printed with logos, patterns, and artwork; specified in six different configurations of glass and acoustic panels to correspond with innumerable branding needs; and specified with an accent trim in dark or light wood offerings.

Kim Rode, general manager of Arden Studio, noted:

Creating more inclusive spaces has become top of mind for many companies as they rethink their office design. The new, reformed workplace is one that empowers staff by providing a variety of settings that suit different work styles and work types. Mobl is a hassle-free solution that enables flexible workspaces and facilitates both concentration and collaboration.

With Arden Studio’s direct-to-glass printing capabilities, the office color palette can easily be revamped with pops of bold shades to liven up the interior environment. Vibrant tones can boost employees’ moods, sparking both creativity and productivity to result in better quality of work. More tranquil, subtle tones can be utilized to encourage deep focus for employees to perform tasks without distractions. For a clean, bright look, Mobl is available in Nordic White glass as part of the Quickship program, shipping within just ten days.

Mobl glass panels strike a balance between form and function: the minimal design highlights the beauty of the materials and can easily fit into any modern workspace or educational and healthcare settings as they evolve to accommodate new normals.


  • 4mm Fineline glass can withstand up to 250 lbs of impact force
  • Safely secures up to 23 sheets of standard paper with a single magnet
  • Glass won’t stain, even after repeated use
  • Non-porous surface is easy to clean and disinfect
  • UV-cured, direct-to-glass printing designed not to fade or discolor
  • PET Felt Acoustic Panels have a noise reduction coefficient of 0.85

To learn more about the Mobl Panel collection and Arden Studio’s other glass products, visit the group’s website.

Haven glass partitions

Haven glass partitions present a simple yet elegant solution to define spaces, direct traffic, and create safer environments. Marrying the functionality of a screen with the aesthetics of a partition, Haven is perfect for commercial, corporate, educational, or healthcare settings as they evolve to accommodate new normals. The partitions also offer compelling and welcoming visual elements to working environments.

Arden Studio Haven glass partititions

Haven glass partitions present a simple yet elegant solution to define spaces, direct traffic, and create safer environments. Image courtesy of Arden Studio

Featuring a vast selection of decorative styles, the partitions are available in etched glass for a clean, neutral look or laminated glass to showcase a multitude of solid colors and dynamic patterns that range from biophilic designs to unique geometric motifs. Custom colors, logos, patterns, or artwork can also be printed on the screens to match any organization’s brand identity. To accommodate a variety of privacy preferences, the Haven partitions can also be specified in either clear or frosted glass. With these finishes, Haven can make any interior feel inviting while contributing to the cognitive and emotional well-being of staff, clients, students, and patients by promoting a more calming and productive atmosphere. It also maximizes often underutilized vertical space by serving as a multifunctional design element.

Enabling flexible spaces, Haven partitions are easy to reposition, whether utilized as a floor or desktop solution. Available in two sizes, the desktop glass screens are designed for all styles of tables including shared work surfaces and height-adjustable desks. These are secured with either a freestanding, center clamp, or side clamp base. When placed on a sturdy stationary or mobile base, Haven’s floor screens help to subtly divide space and direct movement. They are available in three different shapes: geometric, organic horizontal, and organic vertical.

To learn more about the Haven glass space partitions collection, visit the Arden Studio website.