Find out how the security industry is working together to offer resources to deal with COVID-19

by Brianna Crandall — April 3, 2020 — Organizations that previously worked independently in various industries are starting to band together to help their members know how to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. Two leading membership associations for the security industry, ASIS International and the Security Industry Association (SIA), have entered into an exemplary partnership to best aid in the COVID-19 recovery and rebuilding efforts of its diverse group of 34,000 member professionals and over 1,000 member companies, respectively, and two other industry organizations joined with SIA for industry advocacy.

SIA is a trade association for global security solution providers, with over 1,000 innovative member companies representing thousands of security leaders and experts who shape the future of the security industry. SIA provides legislative advocacy at the federal and state levels, creates open industry standards, and advances industry professionalism through education and training. SIA sponsors the ISC expos and conferences, and offers SIA GovSummit (government / private industry), and Securing New Ground (peer-to-peer executive networking).

ASIS International is a worldwide membership organization founded in 1955 for security management professionals. With hundreds of chapters across the globe, ASIS provides learning, networking, standards, research, board certifications, the award-winning Security Management magazine, and the Global Security Exchange event (formerly the Annual Seminar and Exhibits).

ASIS / SIA partnership

The partnership will begin by addressing two primary areas of focus — business operations and advocacy — as well as content development and coordination.

Business Operations & Advocacy

SIA will lead a team composed of representatives from SIA and ASIS Government Relations/Affairs departments as well as ASIS’s Digital Strategy office.

The primary responsibilities of this team will be to:

  • Review and analyze rules pertaining to the final enactment of COVID-19 aid package(s) expected to be passed by Congress
  • Review the supply chain and any changes in federal rules that may be needed
  • Provide any information about preparedness grants to members
Content Development & Coordination

ASIS will lead a team composed of representatives from SIA and ASIS Learning, Editorial, Marketing and Industry Relations departments.

The primary responsibility of this team is to develop and implement a coordinated approach to be a clearinghouse for information on COVID-19 and related knowledge and learning. Providing members support in aspects such as health, well-being, business continuity and communications, this outreach will include virtual learning opportunities, so members can participate on their own schedules.

In addition to these two primary objectives, other goals related to this partnership will include developing targeted collaborations with academia and aligned health-care associations and evaluating the unique needs of small and medium-sized business members.

Don Erickson, CEO, SIA, stated:

This collaboration between ASIS and SIA is a perfect example of putting the industry first to help suppliers and practitioners navigate through uncertain and unsettling times. Together we can help our members respond today to the far-reaching impact of COVID-19 and guide them with information and education that prepares our industry for a renewed future.

Moving forward, information and announcements related to this partnership will be posted jointly on the SIA and ASIS websites.

According to Peter O’Neil, CEO, ASIS International:

This partnership marks the security industry’s top associations coming together in an unprecedented way. The COVID-19 crisis has provided a unique opportunity for us to create a paradigm shift to address the growing needs of security professionals both here in the US and across the globe. Our partnership reinforces the message that the security industry is stronger when it comes together.

ASIS initiatives

See “Stronger Together: ASIS Response to COVID-19” from March 6 and the ASIS topic page Disease Outbreak: Security Resources, updated daily, to get an overview of what ASIS is doing to help members respond to the COVID-19 outbreak.

ASIS is offering timely virtual learning, including webinars — free to ASIS members — that examine crisis management and pandemic best practices, ways security teams can support their healthcare facilities, and the disease’s impact on the supply chain and mass transportation, as well as online resources, and encourages members to take advantage of ASIS Connects for real-time information sharing with thousands of peers around the globe.

SIA initiatives

SIA’s Resources for COVID-19 and Business Continuity webpage provides a selection of public informational resources, webinars, updates, and a summary of how the COVID-19 stimulus package can benefit businesses.

SIA, the Electronic Security Association and The Monitoring Association, in partnership with hundreds of industry executives, are calling state leadership to ensure that essential emergency services are not suspended or impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. The organizations have drafted a letter that has been signed by nearly 500 leaders of industry businesses. They also partnered to create a letter from the three associations sent directly to federal, state and local officials.