Bobrick’s napkin/tampon vending units ensure compliance with state menstrual care laws

Products offer free solutions, fill the need for access to period products

Posted by Johann Nacario — August 14, 2023 — More than half of U.S. states have legislation requiring menstrual care products to be readily available in public places. Facility managers (FMs) are responsible for being aware of the laws in their area and making necessary accommodations.

Bobrick Napkin/Tampon Vendor unit for compliance with menstrual care laws.

Napkin/Tampon Vendor unit for compliance with menstrual care laws. Image courtesy of Bobrick

As an industry leader in global washroom accessories and an advocate for requirements for increased and free access to menstrual care  products, Bobrick Washroom Equipment offers a selection of Napkin/Tampon Vendors that support hygiene, health and wellness in public restrooms and guarantee compliance with local law.

Bobrick’s Napkin/Tampon Vendor units are ADA-compliant, durable, hygienic, cost-effective, and easy to maintain and restock. All units are free from proprietary contracts and operate easily and intuitively with less than 5 lbs. of force, without tight grasping, pinching or twisting of the wrist. Most important, they provide free/complimentary access to menstrual care products.

Bobrick’s Vice President of Marketing Nilofar Yagana stated:

Free access to menstrual care products away from the home is more than just convenience. It’s also about equity and social justice. Facility managers who select Bobrick products are not only ensuring compliance with local law, they are also joining the fight to reduce the stigma associated with menstruation and providing a more inclusive and welcoming restroom for all.

In October 2022, ISSA, the worldwide cleaning industry association, launched “End Period Poverty.” This educational and advocacy campaign aims to build on bipartisan legislation already passed that requires period products to be more readily available in away-from-home venues. The goal is to ensure no one should be without easy access to necessary period products and disposal solutions when needed.

A survey conducted by Harris Interactive, on behalf of Free the Tampons Foundation, found that 86% of women have started their periods unexpectedly in public without the supplies they need.

Yagana added:

The benefits of having menstrual care products readily available away from home significantly boosts the health and well-being of those most in need. We must continue to fight for increased access, above all, free access, to these products.

Bobrick offers the one of the largest selections of free-vend and token-vend products among North American washroom accessory manufacturers. The collection spans across three design series (ClassicSeries, TrimLineSeries and ConturaSeries) and the products are available in three mounting configurations (surface-mounted, semi-recessed and recessed). Bobrick’s recessed and semi-recessed models also satisfy the ADA 4” protruding objects requirement.

Facilities managers looking for solutions to comply with local requirements or who want to stay ahead of legislative trends should consider installing Bobrick’s series of Napkin/Tampon Vendors to provide free, secure and hygienic access to menstrual care products. Learn more here.