See how to conserve your floor space by adding COVID-19 safety needs to your lobby’s digital display

by Brianna Crandall — August 10, 2020 — Captivate, a location-based network with screens often seen in elevators and lobbies of office buildings, recently announced the launch of Captivate Scan — an all-in-one solution that aims to reinforce safe building environments with a focus on the health and well-being of office tenants and others, as buildings reopen following COVID-19 pandemic shutdowns.

This portable display combines valuable Captivate content with a body temperature scanner, facial covering (mask) detection and a hand sanitizer dispensing solution.

Captivate Scan digital display by wall

Captivate Scan digital display not only shares news, entertainment and information, but also scans for fevers and masks, and dispenses hand sanitizer. Image courtesy Captivate

As states reopen and business professionals return to the office and other workplaces, Captivate Scan provides a multifunctional way for property owners, managers and company executives to meet federal and local COVID-19 mandates in the same footprint as their news/entertainment/information kiosk, thereby saving floorspace and adding convenience for occupants and visitors.

These portable displays can be positioned at the entryway of both buildings and individual offices to ensure tenants and visitors adhere to all requirements before gaining access. The display will feature Captivate’s real-time content from leading media sources as well as building specific messaging to provide up-to-date communication on evolving guidelines and protocol.

Captivate Scan digital display closeup

Captivate Scan helps FMs meet federal and local COVID-19 mandates in the same footprint as their news/entertainment/information kiosk, thereby saving floorspace. Image courtesy Captivate

In addition to the fever scan and mask detection, the Captivate Scan displays feature:

  • A hand sanitizer dispenser;
  • Building/tenant security integration; and
  • Local transit information.

Alice Gogh, vice president of Product and Strategy at Captivate, stated:

As professionals transition back to the office, it’s imperative to support our partners with a solution that allows them to easily and effectively prioritize the health and safety needs of employees and visitors. We are proud to offer Captivate Scan as a part of the solution for operators and individuals alike.

Captivate notes that the product is also suitable for retail shops, colleges and universities, sports arenas, medical offices and more.

For more information about Captivate Scan, visit the company’s website. A provider of outdoor digital signage, Captivate digital video network brings life to the workplace by delivering valuable news and entertainment from best-in-class providers to upscale professionals in premier office towers across the US and Canada, resulting in meaningful connections among viewers, brands and their buildings. Founded in 1997, Captivate is owned by Generation Partners.