See how this effective video management software has beefed up its privacy and cybersecurity features for today’s needs

by Brianna Crandall — January 3, 2020 — Surveillance management technology provider Cathexis recently announced the 2019 version of its flagship Internet protocol (IP) video management software suite CathexisVision, with strengthened privacy and cybersecurity features to meet today’s pressing concerns.

CathexisVision IP video management software

CathexisVision IP video management software meets security and infrastructure management requirements across a wide variety of market and industry sectors. Image courtesy Cathexis. Click to enlarge.

CathexisVision has boasted rapid international expansion and been deployed in more than 45 countries since its inception. The suite is designed to meet security and infrastructure management requirements across a wide variety of market and industry sectors, with open architecture to enable seamless integration with cameras and recorders as well as a variety of third-party systems.

CathexisVision helps users make important decisions based on intelligent information processing and helps automate necessary actions in a control room environment. This provides improved effectiveness and efficiency, and greater return on surveillance investment, says the South Africa-based company.

Cathexis reportedly has prominent installations around the world. These can be found across a wide range of vertical markets, including commercial and residential properties, education facilities, financial institutions, government facilities, healthcare facilities, hospitality, logistics, manufacturing, mining, oil and gas as well as retail, airports and city surveillance.

In 2018, CathexisVision was awarded the prestigious global Benchmark Innovation Award in the Video Surveillance Software category. Innovation Award nominees and winners are subjected to a rigorous series of hardware and software testing by independent analysts, under a range of conditions, to verify that their performance lives up to the manufacturer’s specifications and claims.

CathexisVision boasts an extensive range of dynamic features, culminating in a sophisticated and intuitive VMS software suite. Cathexis is known for consistently adding an extended range of new capabilities to its feature-rich software solution to provide an optimal video management surveillance system solution.

CathexisVision 2019

The latest software release, CathexisVision 2019, includes an extended range of new features. Apart from significant improvements to its current range of features, Cathexis has placed great emphasis on the importance of privacy and cybersecurity, both pertinent factors in any environment today.

The new release includes the ability to audit the integrity of the system and adds additional layers of encryption for added cybersecurity protection. The system will have the capacity for full forensic investigation as well as improvements to the open platform and integration capabilities already in place.

CathexisVision’s open architecture enables it to seamlessly integrate with IP cameras, recording servers, viewing infrastructure, and various third-party systems from world-leading brands, including access control, alarm panels, fire panels, analytics and building management systems, providing maximum return on investment (ROI). Integrations are added annually, enhancing CathexisVision’s user interface with video verification of events from multiple systems.

CathexisVision can operate on both Windows and Linux operating systems and features a user-friendly interface designed to facilitate efficient, accurate system installation, whether for a single site, a chain of small stores or offices, a complex organization with outlets across borders and continents, or mining operations with thousands of cameras.

For more information, visit the CathexisVision product page on the Cathexis website.