Now you can source healthy, efficient prefab buildings with integrated smart glass

by Brianna Crandall — May 26, 2021 — Clark Pacific, a provider of prefabricated systems engineered to transform building design and construction, recently announced it has been selected as the California preferred prefabrication provider for Halio, Inc., a manufacturer of electrochromic smart glass. Through the partnership, Halio Smart Glass will be an option with Clark Pacific’s Infinite Façade prefabricated building envelope system.

Clark Pacific building system with Halio Smart Glass

Through the new partnership, integrating Halio Smart Glass will be an option with Clark Pacific’s Infinite Façade prefabricated building envelope system. Image courtesy Clark Pacific

Jonathan Hafemann, director of channel sales at Halio, remarked:

At Halio, we take great pride in our ability to deliver solutions that allow for a more comfortable environment while achieving the highest levels of energy efficiency. With this partnership, Halio furthers its commitment to providing customers with an easy-to-integrate, industry-leading electrochromic smart glass offering. We look forward to delivering the energy savings and experience of electrochromic glass with all the benefits of prefabrication.

Halio combines advanced electrochromic technologies with a powerful, secure, easy-to-integrate cloud-based system, enabling the glass to tint autonomously or on command. By integrating the industry’s most advanced, natural-looking tinting glass, Clark Pacific offers single-sourced, fully integrated prefabricated building envelope systems with the benefits of design flexibility and energy savings of electrochromic glass.

Halio Smart Glass is designed to elevate value and improves the occupant experience in multiple ways:

  • Superior color: Clear, like low-E glass, when untinted. Neutral cool-gray when tinted.
  • Fast: Tints its full range in under 3 minutes.
  • Responsive: Sensor samples daylight every 30 seconds and begins tinting within 15 seconds, allowing Halio Smart Glass to respond in real-time to unpredicted changes in weather.
  • Even tinting: No obvious and distracting tinting patterns.
  • Tint levels: Features unlimited tint level stops between clear and fully tinted, enabling a façade with Halio Smart Glass to maximize daylight rather than block it out, while optimizing for glare and heat gain management.
  • AI cloud-based control and monitoring: Cloud-based artificial intelligence (AI) does real-time monitoring and adjustments to optimize tinting performance on the fly for comfort and energy savings.

The partnership comes on the heels of the launch of Clark Pacific’s NetZero Building Platform, a complete prefabricated system for office buildings that prioritizes the environment and occupant wellness, and over the lifecycle of a building, reduces its global warming potential by 40 percent.  Setting a new standard for green and sustainable building design, Halio Smart Glass can also be used with the NetZero Building Platform, to further maximize energy efficiency and interior comfort by actively managing glare and heat gain.

Tom Anderson, general manager of façades at Clark Pacific, pointed out:

Smart windows can have a dramatic impact on a building’s energy use, cost and occupant comfort. Halio Smart Glass is a natural complement to our prefabricated envelope systems and helps us deliver an integrated, sustainable solution to our customers.

For more information about the Halio Smart Glass integration, visit the Clark Pacific website.