Create flexible sheltered outdoor spaces with Landscape Forms/Tuuci’s largest wind-resistant parasol

Posted by Janet Stroud — May 23, 2023 — Introducing the latest addition to the Ocean Master Collection of elegant, robust outdoor parasols: the MEGA MAX Classic, from Miami-based designer of outdoor shade structures Tuuci, distributed by Landscape Forms, a designer and manufacturer of high-design site furniture, structure, LED lighting and accessories used around the world.

Landscape Forms Tuuci MEGA MAX Classic parasol

The Tuuci MEGA MAX Classic is the largest parasol in the Landscape Forms portfolio, with sizes from 16 to 24 feet. Image courtesy of Landscape Forms

The MEGA MAX Classic is the largest parasol yet to join the Landscape Forms offering, with sizes ranging from 16 to 24 feet. Engineered to withstand wind gusts up to 75 mph, the MEGA MAX defines a new strength and scale for a parasol and offers new possibilities in designing sheltered outdoor space.

Well suited for corporate and education campuses, resort and hospitality settings, multifamily residential settings, and outdoor dining destinations, MEGA MAX’s expansive size and ability to shelter multiple tables or lounge areas offers an experience more akin to an outdoor room, and with a greater degree of flexibility.

Fusion Studio TIFF File, courtesy of Landscape Forms

Available in square, rectangular and octagonal configurations, and offered in a variety of colors and finishes, Ocean Master MEGA MAX Classic parasols can elegantly deliver a variety of upscale, stylish outdoor experiences throughout the day and night.

MEGA MAX features a new hinged anchor plate that enables the parasol to be secured prior to standing upright, and a telescoping mast that allows it to deploy with just a touch, gently lifting up while opening to reduce interference with furniture.

Tuuci MEGAMax-13 parasol - underside

Incredibly robust and meticulously crafted, the MEGA MAX is designed to withstand harsh conditions and winds up to 75 mph, for a long lifetime of performance. Image courtesy of Landscape Forms

Options for integrated lighting help ensure comfort and tailor the atmosphere underneath. Designed for unparalleled durability, MEGA MAX parasols will enjoy long, beautiful lives in the elements while reducing their environmental impact.

For more specifications and images of the MEGA MAX Classic and the rest of the Ocean Master Collection, visit Landscape Forms.