Deliver important messages directly to mobile devices with Carousel Daily feeds

Posted by Janet B. Stroud — May 20, 2024Carousel Digital Signage has launched a new media delivery service designed to change the way organizations engage with their audiences. Carousel Daily allows organizational leaders to take important messages direct to intended audiences, pushing need-to-know news and information to mobile devices. The service extends the reach of traditional digital signage content well beyond the facility walls, enabling seamless communications to thousands of devices.

Carousel Daily feedCarousel Daily is a unique initiative that was created to cut through the noise of the workplace or learning environments where essential communications may be overlooked or forgotten. The Carousel Daily flips the script by empowering internal-facing organizations to reach the right audience, at the right place, and at the right time. Delivered to iOS devices, Carousel Daily bulletins are accessible through an app installed on organization-issued or personal devices.

Carousel Cloud customers can deliver the same visual communications that they display on their fixed digital signage or create unique feeds specifically designed for more mobile audiences. Carousel Daily Feeds are distributed as links, QR codes or configured via MDM for users. The app allows for the inclusion of external URLs within the feed, seamlessly guiding viewers to essential destinations for tasks such as training completion, video viewing, CEO messages, annual enrollment, and any other matters demanding their attention. The service also provides analytics to help administrators measure audience engagement, including responsiveness to each call to action.

Eric Henry, president, Carousel Digital Signage, stated:

The Carousel Daily allows our customers to get the most value out of their communications efforts, and it does so without bombarding audiences with endless feeds full of information they don’t need. Users can target people with the precise information they need to act on. Our corporate customers can go straight to the employees to announce a new training, or remind them to sign up for new benefits. Our K12 customers have the flexibility to create alternate feeds for students and parents, and retail operations can send internal updates relevant to store managers. The beauty is that nothing fundamentally changes about how they use Carousel Cloud. Customers use the same scheduling and content management toolsets to reach their audiences in new, exciting and impactful ways.

Carousel Daily comes free with a Carousel Cloud subscription and is licensed by audience size to meet the organization’s needs. Carousel Digital Signage partners with JAMF for customers that leverage mobile device management (MDM) services to manage, secure and deploy Carousel Daily onto end-user devices. As Apple Education Partners, Carousel and JAMF are dedicated to bringing the best Apple Experience to education and corporate customers.