Diversey-Taski and Gausium partner to unlock the full potential of cleaning robotics

Posted by Janet Stroud — July 1, 2022 — Diversey-Taski and Gausium just announced that they have entered into a multi-year global partnership agreement. The focus of this partnership will be to deliver end-to-end process and machine integration intended to unlock the full potential of cleaning robotics, with advanced cleaning expertise, products and intelligence, for customer sites around the world. As the expectations for commercial cleaning and hygiene continue to grow, significant partnerships such as this will allow commercial facilities to meet and exceed those expectations through the use of cutting-edge technology that embodies cleaning innovation, say the companies.

Taski x Gausium cleaning robotics

Image courtesy of Taski. Click to enlarge.

Each company brings its own expertise to enhance the cleaning triumvirate.

Diversey-Taski has a proven heritage within the cleaning industry for innovative thinking and delivering high-quality cleaning machines and fleet management software. Taski will bring several key factors to the partnership:

  • Global-level operation, supporting multi-level accounts within every commercial cleaning sector
  • Full-route approach to sales and marketing, logistics, training and after-sales support
  • Developed reputation for intelligent cleaning technology derived from extensive research and development
  • A fully integrated suite of solutions combining patented chemicals, dosing and dispensing equipment, services, and digital analysis tied together to improve every process

Gausium, aka “Gaussian Robotics”, was founded by Edward Cheng in 2013 out of a passion for autonomous driving. Today, Gausium provides a comprehensive portfolio of artificial intelligence (AI)-powered autonomous cleaning and service robots. Gausium will embolden the partnership with:

  • Cutting-edge robotic cleaning solutions that deliver top-notch practicality, profitability and sustainability based on the concepts of smarter, safer and simpler
  • The development of world-class sensor and AI technologies geared towards the detection and recognition of dirt, stains and obstacles
  • Strong R&D capabilities and a full-fledged supply chain that supports effective implementation of innovation strategies
  • Expertise and experience that can feed collaboration such as integrating advanced robotics into products like walk-behind scrubbers

With 95 years of service, Diversey’s mission is to protect and care for people through leading hygiene, infection prevention, and cleaning solutions. Diversey will contribute to the partnership through:

  • A fully integrated suite of solutions combining patented chemicals, dosing and dispensing equipment, services, and digital analysis
  • Proven track record of product and service innovation to a global base of over 85,000 customers and associated dynamic customer support methodologies
  • A century of customer-centric cleaning expertise

Marcel Müller, global marketing director for Taski, stated:

Gausium is a global leader in robotics, and Taski are the standard bearers for hygiene that cares and protects. A partnership between these two great companies will revolutionize the cleaning industry by creating something valuable that’s never been seen before. Robotic navigation integrated with the process-orientated, hygiene assurance of Diversey-Taski.

Wherever there is a commercial facility, there are people who expect a clean, hygienic environment. For the professionals that manage those facilities, there is much to consider. They want peace of mind that their facility is clean and safe, offset against commercial considerations such as cost, labor and sustainability. This new partnership will not only unlock the full potential on every customer site, but it will also create true customer success.

Allen Zhang, chief of Overseas Business of Gausium, commented:

We’re pleased to announce our partnership with Diversey-Taski. Taski brings expertise in integrated cleaning solutions as well as rich experience in sales, marketing and services, which will reinforce our commitment to developing leading-edge robotic cleaning solutions to the global markets. We look forward to working with Diversey-Taski to deliver groundbreaking and feature-rich smart-cleaning products and continue to lead innovation.

The partnership between Diversey-Taski and Gausium will begin its roll-out across multiple phases in 2022-2023, proceeding at a national level, starting with Switzerland, Austria, France, Norway and the United States; more specific details will follow.