A smart mirror?! This one provides entertainment, ambient control, communication and connection

by Brianna Crandall — May 8, 2017 — Electric Mirror, a global provider of mirror technology, has just introduced Savvy, which it calls “the world’s smartest mirror.” The Savvy SmartMirror is available for specification in the global hospitality and commercial markets beginning August 2017.

Savvy smart mirror close-up

With the Electric Mirror SmartMirror, you can listen to music, watch TV, interact with guest services, learn about amenities, and access both local and global information.

The company says Savvy

“turns the ordinary into the extraordinary.” Beyond simply looking at a reflection, with Savvy in the mirror, hotel guests have their entire hotel experience under their control.

Jim Mischel, Electric Mirror CEO, explains:

Savvy provides the information guests look for when they travel — news, weather, traffic, and much more. Savvy can be customized for any hotel, letting guests control the ambiance of their guest room. The smart mirror connects the guest with all of the hotel’s services, and lets them know what’s going on both within the hotel as well as nearby.”

Savvy is proprietary and patent pending, and includes features designed specifically for hotels, providing entertainment, ambient control, communication and connection. Savvy will create an added level of luxury and control.

Smart mirror set-up

Savvy will be available in both bathroom mirrors and room mirrors.

With the smart mirror, guests will be able to contact the concierge for dinner reservations, ask the valet to retrieve their car, set a lighting scene for their room, lock the door and open the curtains, plus much more. The Savvy mirror itself will provide hotel information, play the guest’s favorite music, broadcast their favorite TV show, stream real-time news, sports and stocks, and even change colors to adjust the room ambiance.

Savvy joins the Electric Mirror Inspired Technology collection of products, which also includes Vive, a Bluetooth-enabled music mirror; Keen, an automatic dimming and energy-saving mirror; Ava, a color-changing mirror for make-up application; Seamless, an embedded LED clock; and Mirror TVs, which display a television in the mirror. Savvy will be available in both bathroom mirrors and guest room mirrors.

Electric Mirror Inspired Technology products, including the Savvy smart mirror, will be on display at upcoming industry tradeshows, including the HD Expo for hospitality design May 3-5 in Las Vegas, Nevada.