Need to verify Covid-19 vaccines/tests to comply with federal rules? Envoy’s workplace platform can help

by Brianna Crandall — October 11, 2021 — Envoy, a workplace platform that helps teams manage hybrid work, just announced the launch of a proof-of-vaccination feature designed to streamline the Covid-19 vaccine verification process for employers, ensure workplace compliance, and help ease the return to the office.

Envoy Protect PoV

Envoy Protect can survey and screen employees before they come into the office, manage workplace capacity, and trace contacts of workers who test positive. Image courtesy Envoy

Under the federal vaccine requirement, workplace leaders are now compelled to re-evaluate safety protocols and put into place a reliable, secure solution that verifies the vaccination status or weekly test results of employees going into the workplace.

Larry Gadea, founder and CEO of Envoy, remarked:

Many companies weren’t ready to make that leap of requiring vaccinations or weekly testing. But the federal requirement now gives them a way to fully open, while meeting safety concerns and employees’ comfort level.

Today, administrators use Envoy Protect to survey and screen employees before they come into the office, manage workplace capacity, and trace contacts of employees who test positive. Envoy’s proof of vaccination is the latest solution available through Protect. Employees simply upload a photo of their vaccination card via Envoy’s mobile app. An administrator reviews and approves the card and the now vaccine-verified employee is automatically cleared to come on-site.

The proof-of-vaccination feature can be paired with a health-screening feature that allows employees to self-attest Covid test results if an employee cannot or chooses not to be vaccinated. Employees simply self-attest to their weekly test status on the Envoy app.

For those returning to the workplace, the secure, easy-to-use health-screening process provides peace of mind and the assurance that co-workers on-site are either vaccinated or have recently tested negative for Covid.

For workplace leaders, Envoy Protect streamlines the health screening process and helps create safe, federally compliant workplaces where employees can thrive.

Additional benefits include:

  • Seamless integration with Envoy’s workplace platform, a suite of products custom-built to help businesses quickly and confidently reopen their workplaces and to support teams that split their time between the office and home. The platform approach brings together the services and tools companies rely on in one place, managed through a single dashboard. Employees can also coordinate schedules with co-workers, book desks and rooms, navigate the workplace, and receive notifications of visitors or deliveries.
  • Customized screening protocol. Configure health screening protocol and approval criteria in Envoy Protect to match your company policy. Add daily health check questions for employees, depending on vaccination or test status – and exempt vaccinated employees from future health checks. Set workplace capacity limits, integrate infrared temperature scans, or turn on access control so only approved employees can badge into the workspace.
  • Superior, user-friendly mobile experience. With Envoy’s mobile app designed with the employee in mind, declaring your vaccination status is as easy as uploading a photo.

Gadea added:

Envoy will be the first workplace platform to validate the health and protect the safety of everyone entering your workplace. Not just employees, but visitors, contractors, cleaning staff, and vendors. Partnering with workplace leaders to create trusted, safe workplaces for all means we have a responsibility to go beyond the basic workarounds and provide thoughtful, comprehensive products that verify vaccination and testing status, and account for non-employees who also need access.

Proof of vaccination is included in all Envoy Protect plans at no additional cost. Proof of Covid test results, a streamlined verification process that will replace self-attestation, and proof of vaccination for visitors will be available soon.

Learn more about this latest safety feature and what’s to come on the Envoy website.