This app lets workers book a desk or room or request AV, while you gain insights into fluctuating workspace use

by Brianna Crandall — January 18, 2021 — Evoko Unlimited AB, maker of the Evoko Liso and Evoko Pusco workspace management and workplace communication solutions, recently launched its latest offering, the Evoko Naso hosted cloud solution.

Evoko Naso is now ready to ship and will allow Evoko to enter the desk-booking arena in time to help companies and their remote workers to manage the return-to-work phase as the world is entering the new normal, says the company.

Evoko Naso workspace management solution

The Evoko Naso workspace management solution is designed to be easy to install, set up and manage, providing FMs with insights on fluctuating workspace use. Image courtesy Evoko

With Evoko Naso, users can easily book a desk, room or any other type of space, as well as request services such as catering or deliverable audiovisual (AV) equipment, and schedule other resources, all via their mobile devices.

Guest and visitor management is another valuable piece of the Naso offering, and robust reporting will aid in contact tracing as companies and employees continue to navigate these uncertain times, notes the company.

Customers can choose between three Naso packages — Rose, Pepper and Guava — to get the combination of feature sets they really need.  Naso will be flexible and scalable to accommodate work environments of all types and sizes.

Evoko Naso workspace solution

The Evoko Naso mobile app lets workers book a desk or room, or request catering or AV equipment. Image courtesy Evoko

Evoko expects that, since a significant majority of workers say they will want to be able to work from the office as well as remotely post-pandemic, Naso will enable them to do so seamlessly.  In addition to the mobile app making desk-booking and other functions quick and simple for users, Naso will also provide comprehensive metrics and statistics, allowing companies to better manage their real estate footprints after reconfiguring leases and office space as the pandemic subsides and the world of flexible working continues to gain favor.

Evoko notes that the Liso room-booking solution will not be replaced by Naso. Evoko Liso is still a premium on-premises solution for those who want to host their room-booking solution on their own hardware, whereas Naso is a hosted cloud solution.  Evoko has just released version 2.5 for Liso and has also made significant enhancements to Evoko Booking, the company’s multi-tenant room scheduling system, which is bundled with Liso and ideal for co-working spaces.

An important distinction is that Liso is a one-time purchase with a single all-in-one SKU, whereas Naso offers subscription-based options with packages based on individual customer needs.

In adding Naso to the company’s suite of solutions, Evoko says it is committed to providing superior technology and continuing to make a positive impact on the modern workplace.

Richard Glückman, CEO of Evoko, commented:

We are really excited about the Evoko Naso, as it goes beyond just room booking and allows us to offer complete workplace coordination.  We’ve taken our 10+ years of experience in building dedicated, easy-to-use and well-designed room booking systems and applied it to a full workplace solution.

Daniel G Salmonsson, Product and Development manager for Evoko, added:

We have a design-driven development process where we look at the full user journey for all types of users. It is not enough that a solution like the Evoko Naso is easy to use by the employee booking a desk or a room, it also needs to be easy for the installer to mount the hardware and connect it to the backend system; for the IT manager to set up, monitor, and manage the solution; and for the facility manager and corporate real estate executives to get insights into how their workspace is being used.  With the Evoko Naso, I feel we truly have delivered on all these perspectives.

“The feedback from both our channel partners and end users has been fantastic. Despite sales only officially starting this week, Evoko Naso has already got its first design award.  There are several big brands currently evaluating the solution for a roll-out in the near term.  I believe a flexible and easy-to-use solution like the Evoko Naso will be critical for many organizations in managing their return to work safely and hassle-free, and to optimize their floorplans for productivity and cost-efficiency.

For more information about Evoko Naso or the company’s related products, visit the Evoko website.

Evoko is a Sweden-based innovator dedicated to making the modern workplace smoother, more cost-efficient, and stylish. Founded in 2009, the company’s head office is in Sweden, with employees in Finland, France, Germany, the UAE, and the US.  With its partnering model, Evoko does business across six continents in more than 100 countries through a network of 80 distributors, along with hundreds of value-added resellers in the US.  Evoko says its solutions, ranging from room-booking systems to conference phones and digital signage solutions, have consistently won awards for their design, innovation and user friendliness.