Do you need a small, portable crane to get into hard-to-reach places? Check this one out

by Brianna Crandall — December 1, 2017 — Say you need to lift 400 or 800 pounds up to the second floor, or maybe get that same weight halfway up a building. That is too much weight to run the risk of a workman’s compensation claim for a few of your crew, points out equipment manufacturer EZ Rig Crane. So do you bring in a big crane? What if you can’t get your crane inside the building that already has the roof on, or the city won’t let you block traffic on that block without all kinds of permits, or the budget doesn’t allow for a week-long rental of a commercial-sized crane?

One solution to the situation is the mini crane built by EZ Rig Crane.

Portable EZ Rig Crane

The maneuverable EZ Rig Crane can roll through a standard 3’ doorway; its adjustable boom can reach 20’ high; and it can lift up to 2,400 lbs.

The EZ Rig Crane is a small portable crane that an HVAC contractor invented to make his life easier. Even though its dimensions are only 9’-9 1/2” long by 2’-10” wide and can be loaded on a ½ – ¾ ton pickup truck, it can lift up to 2,400 pounds (lbs.) and, depending on weight, can reach up to 26’ high (with the jib boom attachment). It has an electric winch that will allow it to lower weights down 135’. The whole unit fits through a 3’ door and fits in some elevators. And if the elevator is too small, the whole unit can be disassembled, taken to the roof, and reassembled with two men in under a half hour.

According to a spokesman from Western Air and Refrigeration, which has purchased five small crane units to date:

The EZ Rig Crane team field-tested lifting and rigging heavy pipe, piping systems and mechanical equipment in intricate positions at Amgen Pharmaceuticals. The small, dynamic EZ-Rig crane proved superior to the competition where materials were required to be lifted over existing materials, tanks and other obstructions, setting pumps on pump pads, setting tanks on tank pads and extending over the side of the building to lift up materials from the ground. These tasks are impossible and dangerous with crawler cranes, jib cranes, gantry cranes, chainfalls and other industrial hoist inventions on the market.

The EZ Rig Crane has been servicing the industrial manufacturing sector due to its size, maneuverability and ease of use for the past two years. Its ability to roll through a standard 3’ doorway, its adjustable boom that can reach 20’ high, and its capability to lift up to 2,400 lbs. makes for a smaller footprint on jobsites and does the job of a number of employees.

EZ Rig Crane, operating out of Ventura, California, is a manufacturing company that produces the small portable EZRig Crane, serving the manufacturing, industrial, construction, transportation, pipe, steel, glass installation, roofing, automotive, trucking, heavy equipment, aircraft, HVAC, and other industries.

New: Jib Boom attachment

EZ Rig Crane is now introducing the Jib Boom attachment. The Jib Boom attachment allows the user to reach up to 26’ high and 12’ out past the wheels while supporting weights up to 800 lbs., making lifting air-conditioning (AC) units, motors, blowers, fans and ducting, etc., over tight areas easier. No longer are three or four people needed to lift these parts from existing structures with limited access and awkward positions, says the company, and no more is rigging unsafe lifts needed to get to a difficult location. EZ Rig Crane also says extended hours are no longer needed to manipulate ropes and pulleys, and injuries are avoided by letting EZ Rig do the lifting.

The Jib Boom accessory is now available for sale on the EZ Rig Web site. Load charts for the EZ Rig Crane as well as the new Jib Boom are also available. In addition, the site features a short video and information on specific uses for facilities managers.