Oxy-Gen Powered continuous air-freshening systems are now available across the U.S.

by Brianna Crandall — November 5, 2021 — Dubai-based Fragrance Delivery Technologies (FDT) and Nashville, Tennessee-based Supply Source Enterprises (SSE) have just announced a new strategic partnership to expand the distribution of FDT products in the United States.

Oxy-Gen Powered and Supply Source Enterprises logoThe exclusive agreement is effective November 18, 2021, and expands SSE’s existing odor control offering by introducing FDT’s innovative Oxy-Gen Powered air-care technologies — including the Oxygen-Pro system — which deliver reliable and continuous odor elimination for the away-from-home markets.  The award-winning products are found in 72 countries across the world in 6 continents

SSE will sell the FDT products through it’ Impact Products and Safety Zone businesses.  Impact has been a leading manufacturer of washroom odor control products for over 50 years.

Hydros Jassem, CEO of FDT, said of the agreement:

As the demand for our products kept increasing in the US, we realized the need to improve our distribution and selling abilities to capitalize on our product opportunities. With SSE we found a fantastic partner that has one of the best nationwide distribution networks in the away-from-home market. This collaboration continues our growing momentum in the commercial air care market, will supercharge our mission of becoming the world’s best air freshening system, and brings positive benefits to all customers, today and in the future.

Steve Schultz, SSE President and CEO, added:

We are extremely excited to partner with FDT to scale their innovative technologies in the air care category.  With the Oxy-Gen Powered technology, along with our existing odor-control products, best-in-class service, and extensive SSE distribution footprint, we will be well positioned to be the market leader in air care solutions.