If you want to track restroom cleanliness and supply levels — plus send alerts to cleaners and publicly display results — check out this solution

by Brianna Crandall — October 21, 2020 — TRAX Analytics, the data-driven provider of innovative information technology (IT) solutions for custodial and facility operations, recently announced the company’s dedication to providing clients with greater visibility into their custodial operations and cleanliness of restrooms.

As a result, TRAX will work alongside facilities managers (FMs) to provide a fully connected facility with the implementation of smart technology and data analytics. The TRAX Analytics software and mobile application monitors staff location and overall performance.

Partnership with Flagship Facility Services at airport

TRAX’s most recent project involves working alongside Flagship Facility Services, a provider of commercial cleaning services, as part of a large initiative with a top-tier international airport in Florida to deploy numerous new technologies to assist in sanitation efforts.

Tracy Davis, president and CEO, TRAX Analytics, stated:

We want our clients to be experts on the inner workings of their facilities from cleaning staff’s day-to-day down to asset management. With COVID-19 around for the foreseeable future, it is important to provide clients with any and all means possible to ensure cleanliness and the effectiveness of workflows and the day-to-day operations of their facilities.

Don Toole, senior VP, Sales and Marketing, Flagship Facility Services, remarked:

Our partnership with TRAX is an exciting opportunity to add value for our airports with real-time information about their restrooms’ usage and the efficacy of the facility services teams deployed to those areas as a result of that information. This is critical, especially during peak travel times.

TRAX Analytics software and services

TRAX Analytics provides software and consulting services designed to improve facility cleanliness and the customer experience in venues throughout the United States. The technologically advanced restrooms feature a facility analytics system, mobile application (app) and dashboard to provide real-time consumable levels and alerts to custodial staff. In addition, it uses throughput sensors to monitor traffic flow and display cleaning information via digital signage outside each location.

TRAX Analytics provides custodial and FM software that uses various technologies paired with a mobile app to provide predictive, real-time and historical data analysis to better manage and improve facility cleanliness and custodial operations. TRAX Analytics’ smart technology provides real-time notifications and information that alerts staff and supervisors of areas in need of service and solves problems on demand.

Flagship Facility Services provides commercial cleaning services that emphasize the importance of putting customers first. With operations in Culinary Services, Facility Services, and Aviation Services, Flagship has more than 5,000 employees dedicated to creating the best facility experience for customers. Flagship offers Integrated Facilities Management and combinations of facilities services, including janitorial, engineering, culinary, and maintenance services, for large-scale companies throughout the US and Canada.