From a touchless payment app to digital parking management, this merger delivers a total parking package

by Brianna Crandall — May 14, 2021 — FlashParking and Arrive Mobility recently announced they are merging in a combination that creates an innovative end-to-end touchless digital mobility platform joining FlashParking’s cloud-based, mobility hub operating system and Arrive’s demand management platform facilitating consumer procurement, wayfinding, and digital payments for parking and related services.

The combined entity will offer business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) seamless digital parking solutions and mobility technologies to increase operational efficiency for thousands of parking operations and provide frictionless, fully digital consumer parking and mobility experiences to millions of consumers.

FlashParkingFlashParking has quickly emerged as a technology leader in the parking industry by focusing on the supply side of the parking market, supporting its operating partners in thousands of locations in North America with its cloud-based platform and software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions. Similarly, Arrive has emerged as a demand-side technology leader, developing and deploying a digital platform that organizes demand and manages digital payments for operators, integration partners, and consumers.

For the consumers and operators of parking operations, the pandemic has accelerated the need for a fully digital touchless platform with robust, real-time business intelligence to quickly react to changes, and an expanding ecosystem of mobility partners to diversify revenue. Asset owners and operators are moving quickly to provide digital, touchless alternatives to traditional parking tenants as well as the ability for consumers, fleets and employees to find, book and pay for parking without having to pull out a credit card or touch a keypad.

By merging, FlashParking and Arrive provide a comprehensive digital platform to help asset owners and operators maximize asset value, diversify revenue, integrate into smarter cities, and drive demand to their assets. Other partners — such as event venues, fleets, automakers, service providers and employers — who need flexible access to parking services can now offer an end-to-end, friction-free, digital parking experience that is customizable to meet specific needs.

Dan Sharplin, CEO of FlashParking, stated:

We have seen first-hand the devastating effects of the pandemic on the parking industry. A key component to recovery is deployment of cloud-based, future-ready technologies that allow asset owners and operators to modernize and diversify their business model with the addition of mobility services. But more importantly, they need a single, comprehensive system of record to digitize their operations and the customer experience. With Arrive’s consumer-facing mobile apps and integrations, their demand network with millions of users, and a robust layer of digital services, all integrated in the FlashParking operating system, that is now possible. Through this unique combination, FlashParking and Arrive will offer the connective tissue between the parking industry and the future of mobility.

FlashParking and Arrive combine to address both sides of the market by providing industry-leading touchless payment solutions and delivering the leading sources of digital parking demand in North America. The unique ability to deliver a white-label or co-branded digital parking experience through a mobile app, in-car voice or touch interface, alongside on-site tap-to-pay signage — all in a single, integrated solution — is what the industry has been waiting for, say the companies.

Yona Shtern, CEO of Arrive, commented:

For years, FlashParking has been an invaluable technology partner in our mission of delivering best-in-class last-mile mobility solutions to consumers. With the parking industry at an inflection point and market and consumer demands evolving, we are in an ideal position to meet those needs by merging our two technology platforms into a single comprehensive platform, which spans across the entire customer journey. It is incredibly exciting.

The executive teams have already begun working closely to deliver the benefits of a consolidated platform while continuing to deliver first-class operations for current partners with minimal disruption.

FlashParking is the parking technology provider powering the transformation from isolated parking assets to connected mobility hubs with the first Mobility Hub Operating System. With a suite of enhanced 21st-century parking technology, robust business intelligence engine, and transportation partnerships, FlashParking optimizes underutilized parking operations into vital mobility ecosystems within a smart city.

Arrive Mobility powers the last mile of mobility through smart parking solutions. It offers an innovative, seamless mobility experience that predicts and recommends the best parking solution for any journey. Arrive powers smart parking and other connected mobility services through apps, websites, voice platforms, and in-dash integrations to hundreds of clients, including smart cities, automakers, fleets, venues, navigation and voice platforms, as well as to its own ParkWhiz and BestParking consumer brands.