Need to safely store Covid-19 vaccines? These refrigerators and freezers promise precise temperature control

by Brianna Crandall — March 10, 2021 — Ice and refrigeration equipment manufacturer Follett Products has just announced two partnerships to support healthcare facilities, pharmacies and other facilities that need to safely store the Covid-19 vaccine during the current public health push, promising precise temperature control for current and future needs.


Phononic, a global provider of solid-state cooling and heating technology, is partnering with Follett to provide innovative and sustainable solid-state refrigeration products to its customers in the United States and Canada, further strengthening both companies’ commitment to these critical markets and providing additional support to the Covid-19 vaccine efforts.

Follett Solid-State Undercounter Medical-Grade Refrigerator

The Solid-State Undercounter Medical-Grade Refrigerator (5.5 cu ft capacity) empowers patient-centered care throughout a vaccine’s full cold chain of custody. Image courtesy Follett

A provider of high-performance pharmacy refrigeration and known for precise temperature control, Follett is increasing production of its refrigerators and freezers to support the Covid-19 vaccine effort. The Solid-State Undercounter Medical-Grade Refrigerator (5.5 cu ft capacity), powered by Phononic’s advanced solid-state technology, is the newest product in the company’s portfolio, empowering patient-centered care throughout a vaccine’s full cold chain of custody.

Cynthia Fitton, director of Marketing at Follett, stated:

At Follett, our entire company is dedicated to providing innovative solutions that promote health, safety and well-being, and providing the most customer-oriented service in the industry. Right now, there is nothing more important than protecting the health and safety of all patients as the world undertakes this monumental task to vaccinate as many people as possible. We see this partnership with Phononic as a way to continue to provide the highest safeguard for vaccines, samples, and medications at a time when it’s needed most and to honor one of our core values: to continually improve our products for our customers.

As the battle against Covid-19 continues, the safe storage of vaccines is a crucial component of protecting patients against the virus. Phononic’s compressor-free, solid-state cooling technology provides unique advantages for those within life sciences and healthcare, including temperature stability that protects high-value inventory, quiet operation for in-room use, cleanroom-compatible readiness, and sustainable ENERGY STAR efficiency.

The Solid-State Undercounter Medical-Grade Refrigerator (5.5 cu ft capacity) also uses environmentally friendly carbon dioxide (CO2) as its refrigerant, making it one of the most sustainable refrigerators on the market. Fundamentally more reliable, the system requires minimal maintenance and, without moving parts, provides unprecedented vaccine protection, claims the company.

Keith Lewis, director of Strategic Partnerships at Phononic, added:

Follett has a long-standing and well-known commitment industry-wide to customer service and unparalleled products, and we are proud to partner with them to deliver a sustainable, solid-state solution. There is no harder proving ground for a technology than laboratories, hospitals, clinics and pharmacies; and no more important inventory today than Covid-19 vaccines. With an established market foothold achieved through differentiated solid-state products, the time is now to empower patient-centered care through entire chain of custody.

PHC Corporation of North America (PHCNA)

In addition, Follett and PHC Corporation of North America (PHCNA) announced the formation of a partnership to market and sell the PHCbi line of ultra-low temperature (ULT) freezers, pharmaceutical-grade refrigerators, and biomedical freezers to Follett’s healthcare customers. These products will be offered alongside Follett’s existing portfolio of high-performance refrigerators, freezers, and ancillary products.

The co-branded ULT freezers will allow Follett to complement its current line of medical-grade refrigerators and freezers with a variety of models that can store the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccines and other valuable medical products and specimens in both the healthcare and life science arenas.

Cindy Fitton, director of Marketing for Healthcare Products at Follett, commented:

Follett is thrilled to partner with PHCNA, a global leader in high-performance refrigeration, to provide our customers with ultra-low temperature freezers. When looking for a partner to help us meet our customers’ needs for ultra-low temperature freezers, PHCNA was the natural choice. PHCNA’s reputation for precision, quality, performance and service is unsurpassed, and the addition of the PHCNA products will be a wonderful complement to our broad line of medical-grade refrigerators and freezers.

PHCbi has been using its expertise in ultra-low temperature refrigeration to develop innovative solutions since 1966, delivering ultra-low temperature freezers, refrigerators, incubators, and other laboratory storage and handling solutions for a range of life science customers. PHCbi brand products support not only healthcare institutions, but cold chain storage and scientific research conducted by both academic and pharmaceutical companies worldwide. The company’s portfolio of products is ergonomically designed and based on advanced technology that delivers energy efficiency.

Hans Brok, president of PHCNA, stated:

We are excited to be able to partner with Follett Products, LLC, to expand the availability of PHCbi brand cold chain products to their healthcare customers. PHCbi products have delivered excellence in design and unmatched reliability for over 50 years, and we look forward to the success of this partnership. Complementing our product expertise with Follett’s customer relationships will allow us to leverage our combined core strengths to meet and exceed the current and future needs of hospital and clinic-based healthcare customers.

For more information about the Solid-State Undercounter Medical-Grade Refrigerator (5.5 cu ft capacity)PHCbi products or other Healthcare, Foodservice or Workplace solutions, visit the Follett website.