Documents piling up due to shutdowns? These paper shredders can handle high volumes in-house

by Brianna Crandall — January 29, 2021 — In many facilities that are restricting building access to employees only during the Covid-19 pandemic, sensitive documents are piling up, waiting to be removed by shredding contractors and taking up valuable space, points out Germany-based data security company Intimus International.

Intimus 20251 Industrial Shredder

Intimus’s line of industrial paper shredders offers businesses a safe alternative to outsourced shredding services. Image courtesy Intimus

Intimus’s line of industrial paper shredders offers businesses an alternative to outsourced shredding services. In-house destruction provides the security benefit of sensitive data never leaving the building, remarks the company. It also allows for immediate document destruction versus collecting and staging items in bins and barrels.

Ten industrial shredder models are available to satisfy the destruction requirements of a wide range of businesses that generate high volumes of sensitive documents, including corporations, banks, insurance companies, law firms, healthcare facilities, pharmaceutical manufacturers, nonprofits and more.

All units reduce paper to small, cross-cut particles, which, combined with high-volume bin capacities (up to 120 gallons), make reconstruction virtually impossible. Sheet feed capacities range from up to 70 per pass to as many as 520 per pass, or 1,250 lbs. per hour.

Larger models also feature a sortation table to facilitate document and feeding as well as an infeed conveyor that ensures items are fed at the correct rate for optimum performance and productivity.

A baler option can also be added to some shredders allowing them to compact shredded waste into neat, tightly packed bales for easy storage prior to disposal, and for improved housekeeping.

In addition to flat sheets, all Intimus industrial shredders also accept balled or crumpled paper as well as paper clips and a variety of other items including floppy disks, CDs and DVDs, ID badges, and plastic credit cards.

Although classified as industrial shredders, these machines are suitable for use in office environments, too, says Intimus. The paper shredders operate at about 63 dBA, which is said to be quieter than most household vacuum cleaners.

For more information about Intimus industrial paper shredders and all the company’s document shredders, visit the Intimus website.