Juice Bar EV partners with Macquarie Financial to provide leasing options for electric vehicle charging stations

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by Shane Henson — June 16, 2014—Juice Bar EV, a provider of premium electric vehicle (EV) charging stations and the Green Garage Oasis concept, recently announced that is has partnered with Macquarie Equipment Finance to make the process of acquiring a charging station easier and more affordable for facility owners.

While EVs have become much more commonplace, it is often difficult for EV owners to find charging stations near their homes or jobs, thus offering one could greatly benefit many buildings tenants or staff. The stations could also benefit companies that are considering adding EV vehicles to their fleets.

According to Juice Bar EV, with flexible terms and payment options, the new leasing option from Macquarie offers financing for all charging stations: Level 3 Fast Charger, Quad, and Double; flexible terms and payment options; no pre-payment penalty; $1.00 buyout at end of term; the option to set up as automatic withdrawal (ACH); and an easy online process.

Owners have the choice in customizing their Juice Bar to fit the needs of their facility, including the ability to partner with sponsors and advertisers to offset the cost, and the choice in charging a fee or not charging a fee to the consumer.

“As the electric vehicle industry looks for new ways to pay for charging stations, Juice Bar EV chargers provide a ‘billboard of sustainability’ for owners to offset purchase and installation costs of EV charging stations, and can even create an income-producing asset,” said David Schmid, managing partner of Juice Bar EV. “Our partnership with Macquarie is just another way we are about providing owners with the option best suited for their overall business objectives and budget.”

Juice Bar says the key advantages for adopting this service are to:

  • Conserve cash and free up capital for other critical priorities
  • Streamline the acquisition process with terms and payments tailored to a company’s needs
  • Bundle equipment, systems, shipping, installation, integration services, and other soft costs into one low monthly payment
  • Increase tax advantages with the off-balance-sheet benefits of an operating lease

Juice Bar, together with Macquarie, says it can tailor a solution to fit any budget so owners can offer a practical, convenient service that encourages patrons to spend more time at their location.