Use your FM know-how to kickstart smart sustainability projects that make a big impact, with tips from Planon + Schneider Electric

Technologies such as IWMS can help FMs significantly contribute to the success and impact of sustainability projects

Posted by Janet B. Stroud — January 5, 2024 — Are your facilities and operations teams on the right path to incorporating sustainability initiatives into their daily operations? Both workplace management software provider Planon and multinational energy management and automation company Schneider Electric believe that facilities and operations teams have an enormous role to play in this maturing era of corporate sustainability and ESG goals. In fact, there’s no better equipped or more knowledgeable department in an organization when it comes to building performance and data.

With the right vision, preparation, change management, technology tools, and network, facilities management (FM) can significantly contribute to the success of sustainability projects, ensuring that they become woven into the fabric of your buildings, operations, and experiences, and aren’t just one-off efforts.

Facility Management and Sustainability book cover

FMs can significantly contribute to the success and impact of sustainability projects. Image courtesy of Planon

Need some inspiration? In this first joint e-book, Planon and Schneider Electric have compiled several examples of smart, sustainable changes their customers are making in the areas of maintenance, stock management, hybrid working, health and safety, and workplace efficiency. With these changes, facility management teams can better support their organization’s sustainability strategy and bring about positive change within the built environment.

Sustainability isn’t a new topic for most organizations, notes Planon. But setting environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) goals and launching successful strategic initiatives to achieve them are two separate things.

Budget cuts and other priorities often delay sustainability initiatives, which are usually seen as complicated and costly projects. But small changes made by facilities and operations teams can have a big impact and bring about significant transformation.

Your team may already be on the right path! The e-book explores how data management technologies like an integrated workplace management system (IWMS) or resource advisor can help FM teams provide reliable data for company-wide sustainability projects with lasting impact.

Get tips on the best departments to work with for sustainable changes in these areas:

  • Improved maintenance processes
  • Replacements and upgrades
  • Smarter stock management
  • Hybrid working
  • Safe and healthy workplace
  • Better sustainability reporting
  • Mitigate ESG-related risks with access to accurate data
  • Workplace efficiency

Download this e-book now to kickstart positive change at your organization.