This webcam enables professional-quality meetings for hybrid workers from a laptop or PC

by Brianna Crandall — March 12, 2021 — Konftel, a global provider of conferencing products for effective distance meetings, recently announced its new business webcam, the Konftel Cam10, for desktop and laptop users in need of professional quality personal video meetings at home or in the office. The Konftel Cam10 combines premium performance with compact styling and was designed for today’s hybrid working requirements, where more and more business-critical meetings take place online.

Konftel Cam10 webcam

The Konftel Cam10 webcam features a wide 90° field of view, two built-in microphones, 1080p (30fps) full HD picture quality, and a 4x digital zoom. Image courtesy Konftel

The stylishly designed device features a wide 90° field of view, two built-in microphones, 1080p (30fps) full HD (high-definition) picture quality and a 4x digital zoom. The webcam is engineered to provide quality performance wherever people are working, whether at home or in a traditional office. Additionally, the Cam10’s mechanical shutter functions as a built-in lens cap, to ensure complete privacy, integrity and security.

Konftel, an award-winning company with more than three decades of international experience, was reportedly the very first company to develop a commercial conference phone and has since grown into one of the biggest players in the world for collaboration endpoint solutions, bringing people closer together. The introduction of the Cam10 is yet another iteration of Konftel’s innovative work and its mission to create powerful conferencing solutions.

Tommy Edlund, director of Global Sales at Konftel, stated:

The Konftel Cam10 is a business-class webcam that reflects the massive demand from desktop users seeking professional-quality personal video meetings, based on an enhanced visual and audio experience. There has been tremendous early interest for our latest high-performance product, and the Konftel Cam10 will further accelerate more flexible ways of working.

Konftel Cam10 webcam

The stylishly designed device offers professional-quality video for business-critical meetings on a laptop or PC, for hybrid workers at home or in the office. Image courtesy Konftel

Based on simple plug-and-play USB connectivity, the portable Konftel Cam10 features easy setup and operation, innovative picture noise-reduction technology, low-light capabilities and swift autofocus. The generous and natural-looking field of view also helps capture content, such as from a whiteboard, in striking clarity, says the company.

Product Manager Torbjörn Karlsson explained:

Whatever the preferred app or cloud service, the Konftel Cam10 fits all personal and business-related collaboration needs perfectly. Users simply connect the USB cable to a laptop or stationary PC and are then good to go.

Karlsson also pointed out how, when placed in an optimal position on top of the main screen, the Konftel Cam10 enables users to make eye contact instead of just showing their head profile — improving the quality of interaction. Karlsson remarked:

The Konftel Cam10 promotes a natural viewing experience and is ideal for users with single or multiple external displays. It makes webcam communication natural and easy.

The Konftel Cam10 uses a standard damping bracket for easy and stable installation, with the option of tripod mounting for alternative camera placement. The webcam’s two built-in microphones reportedly deliver impressive audio pickup, supported by noise-suppression technology. In a common scenario, the monitor or video screen speakers often perform as audio output, but an improved option is to complement the Konftel Cam10 with the professional speakerphone Konftel Ego, creating an enhanced experience through Konftel’s renowned OmniSound audio technology.

Edlund emphasized:

You only get one chance to create a good first impression, which makes high-quality video and audio even more critical, especially in an age where ever more business meetings take place online. It used to be a suit or a handbag or a watch that impressed in a physical meeting room; now it’s the sharpness and clarity of a video feed. And if you’re sharp and clear, presentations or negotiations and interactions are going to be 100 percent more impactful.

Konftel is certified in line with the Climate Neutral standard, meaning when customers choose a Konftel product, there is an immediate climate benefit from holding an at-distance meeting instead of a business trip. Konftel says it offsets all greenhouse gas emissions and is taking action to further reduce those emissions.

For more information about the Konftel Cam10, visit the Konftel website. Since 1988, the Sweden-based company has provided cutting-edge technology to collaborate and conduct meetings regardless of distance.