Need more outdoor gathering places? This durable bistro table and chair offer flexibility and stability

by Brianna Crandall — December 16, 2020 — Landscape Forms, a designer and manufacturer of high-design site furniture, structure, LED lighting and accessories used around the world, recently introduced Bravo Bistro, a contemporary take on the familiar bistro folding dining set that the company describes as more robust in construction and more contemporary in design to meet today’s outdoor gathering needs.

Landscape Forms Bravo Bistro outdoor tables and chairs

Bravo Bistro outdoor tables and chairs offer a more robust, contemporary take on the familiar folding dining set as today’s facilities seek to enable safer gatherings. Image courtesy Landscape Forms

Landscape Forms Chief Creative Officer Kirt Martin stated:

The bistro chair has been a symbol of social gathering and outdoor living for over a century. The problem is, it’s also been known for its flimsy construction and poor durability. We decided to change that. For anyone who’s familiar with sitting in a traditional bistro chair, this is a whole new experience. The iconic bistro set is a proven design concept, a classic inspiration. But we’ve truly amped the quality through greater attention to detail in engineering, manufacturing and choice of materials — all while keeping Bravo Bistro competitively priced.

With today’s fast-growing need for flexible outdoor seating, gathering and dining solutions, Martin and his team went to work to reimagine the traditional bistro chair and table in the Landscape Forms style, setting a new bar for durability and quality over similar products. Featuring heavier gauge metal and thicker, wider slats, the Bravo Bistro chair is engineered to be more stable, secure and comfortable than traditional versions. The company says the table, also of heavier gauge metal, stands firmly and soundly, making both pieces better able to withstand the abuse of repeated setup, takedown and stowage.

Landscape Forms President of Site Furnishings and Structure Robb Smalldon, commented of Bravo Bistro:

When we decided to enter this product category, we knew we had to do it our way, with a signature design and quality statement. It’s unlike any bistro set in the market. Now, customers from landscape architects to facility managers to restaurateurs have a compelling new choice that offers aesthetics, durability and value.

The Bravo Bistro chair and table, by design, embody flexibility — the ability to easily adapt space along sidewalks, pedestrian zones, courtyards, plazas, terraces and others is an increasingly important part of safely facilitating social interaction. Easily arranged, reconfigured and stowed, Bravo Bistro creates efficient and comfortable go-to spaces for corporate campuses, schools and universities, restaurants and communities.

For more information, visit the Bravo Bistro product page.

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Landscape Forms collaborates with renowned architecture and design groups to develop integrated collections of products that address emerging needs. The company recently announced the acquisition of design firm Loll Designs as well as lighting partnerships with SESCO Lighting, Enterprise Lighting Sales and the St. Louis Lighting Group.