Expand outdoor seating options with Landscape Forms’ modular bench system

by Janet B. Stroud — June 29, 2022 — Landscape Forms, a designer and manufacturer of high-design LED lighting, structure, site furniture, and accessories used around the world, recently announced a fourth and innovative addition to its popular Strata line, the modular Strata Beam Bench expansion solution.

Designer Jess Sorel combines boldness and subtlety in the Strata Beam’s interaction of materials — the strength of cast concrete is contrasted by the warmth of slatted wood surfaces.

Landscape Forms' Strata Beam Bench

Strata Beam offers the warmth and beauty of wood juxtaposed with Meldstone structural anchors. Image courtesy of Landscape Forms

Kirt Martin, Landscape Forms chief creative officer, commented:

As a whole, Strata Beam offers the warmth and beauty of wood that people relate to, juxtaposed with Meldstone structural anchors that are thin in profile and sculptural in form. Now with the modular Strata Beam expansion, the already architectural presence grows to create runs and configurations that you couldn’t achieve in the past — U-shapes, zig-zags, crosses and fully enclosed hexagons and octagons, just to name a few. It’s limitless.

The Strata Beam expansion enables designers and landscape architects to join Strata Beam benches across a diverse array of configurations using Meldstone ultra-high-performance concrete (UHPC) bridge legs and three different angle connectors in 90°, 60° and 45°. Like other Strata Beam benches, Strata Beam expansion benches can be specified backed or backless and with any combination of end and intermediate arms.

Landscape Forms' Strata Beam Bench joined

The Strata Beam expansion enables Strata Beam benches to be joined across a diverse array of configurations. Image courtesy of Landscape Forms

Adding a modular dimension to the Strata line reflects designers’ increasing desire for more adaptable site furnishings and more creative freedom to respond both functionally and aesthetically to site characteristics.

Brian Revoir, senior Landscape Forms designer, remarked:

We’re enabling designers to create and build out their own kind of environments, assign their own social pinch points and stopping points, and arrive at an aesthetic that is uniquely their own.

The Strata Beam expansion is supported by a detailed Planning Guide, offering examples of the different ways in which seating can be configured using the new modular system. The guide is by no means exhaustive, but rather a jumping off point intended to familiarize landscape architects with the mechanics and possibilities of how STRATA Beam’s new modular components work together, notes the company.

Learn more about the Strata Beam Bench expansion system on the Landscape Forms website.

Landscape Forms is headquartered in Kalamazoo, Michigan, and includes Kornegay Design, located in Phoenix, AZ, and Loll Designs, in Duluth, MN, in its family of brands. The company has sales representatives throughout North and South America, the United Kingdom, Australia, the United Arab Emirates and Asia.

Landscape Forms collaborates with renowned architecture and design groups to develop integrated collections of products that address emerging needs. Clients worldwide include municipalities, transit centers, corporate, college and healthcare campuses, plus such familiar brands as Harvard University, Linked In, New York Central Park Conservancy, Google, U.S. Tennis Association, Nike, National Museum of African American History, Barclays Center and others.