Fully utilize your outdoor spaces with this power-integrated adaptive structure system

by Brianna Crandall — January 8, 2021 — Landscape Forms, a North American designer and manufacturer of high-design LED lighting, site furniture, structure, and accessories for outdoor spaces, recently announced expansions of two of its popular outdoor structure and furniture systems: Upfit and Parallel 42.

Upfit outdoor structure system

Landscape Forms announced a broad new feature set for its popular adaptive outdoor structure system, Upfit, which was designed to transform underutilized outdoor spaces into productive areas to serve a variety of purposes. Upfit was introduced in late 2018 with much acclaim from the landscape architecture and design communities, including a 2019 GOOD DESIGN Award, a 2019 Architizer A+ Award, and a 2018 Spark Award.

Upfit adaptive outdoor structure system

The enhanced Upfit adaptive outdoor structure system transforms underused outdoor spaces into working, eating and meeting spots. Image courtesy Landscape Forms

Landscape Forms Chief Creative Officer Kirt Martin stated:

Upfit has become one of the most successful solutions we’ve launched. And with that success came a lot of engagement with our customers in the form of new ideas and requests. So we’re literally building on the success of Upfit, inspired by real-world applications and the opportunity to enable even more new and unique outdoor experiences.

A unique system of dividers, screens, seating, work and dining surfaces, the Upfit collection offers users their own defined sense of personal space without completely isolating them from others and from the outdoor environment. Clearly delineated spaces contribute to a sense of confidence among users to safely engage in the small group conversation and socialization that is key to maintaining a cooperative, interconnected atmosphere throughout the community.

The introduction of new features serves to elaborate on Upfit’s goal to transform underutilized spaces on corporate, academic, and healthcare campuses and within public and transit areas into sought-out destinations. New features include large-scale retractable screens, sliding panels, an integrated shelving system, in-line benches, mitered standing-height tables, a new full-height panel with vertical slatting, and a solid roof.

In the new era of social distancing and moving work, study and other activities outdoors, Upfit’s benefits have become even more acute, points out the company. Its modular, scalable nature transforms underutilized outdoor spaces into workspaces, classrooms, dining areas and meeting hubs, fully powered and lit.

Available in a variety of heights, use cases and configurations with or without power, Upfit is designed to offer users new productive natural environments while reinforcing a comforting sense of order and enclosure.

Martin continued:

Now, more than ever, Upfit brings the indoors outdoors. There’s a new softness to the interior spaces, with new functions, textures and colors that make you feel more capable, comfortable and inspired being outside.

For more information about the Upfit outdoor structure system and Landscape Forms’ entire Healthy Outdoor Spaces collection, visit the company’s website.

Parallel 42 bench system

Landscape Forms also announced new options for its popular Parallel 42 bench system, many added in response to real-world suggestions from customers. The modular system offers the practical benefits of flexibility and versatility, and is said to provide creative inspiration in determining how the furnishing interfaces with the environment.

Parallel 42 bench system for outdoor spaces

The updated modular Parallel 42 outdoor bench system can activate social spaces and direct the pedestrian flow. Image courtesy Landscape Forms

According to Parallel 42 designer Brian Revoir, senior designer at Landscape Forms:

Parallel 42 is more than a bench. Yes, it’s an elegantly simple seating solution, but it’s also a modular, reconfigurable system that activates social spaces and directs the pedestrian flow.

Joining the existing straight and 30°-angle modules, the new 45°-angle modules available in left-hand, right-hand, and wedge orientation provide “countless” new possibilities for site-specific configurations, says the company.

In addition to the new modules, the Parallel 42 system now includes the option for backs, and center arms that act as skate deterrents. The backs are elegant yet substantial coined steel, attached to the benches with no visible fasteners. They can be specified with a straight, left angle, right angle, or chamfered orientation. Parallel 42 is available in Ipe, Jarrah or DSTMA wood, with powder-coated metal in a wide variety of colors.

Much of Parallel 42’s success to-date is reportedly based on its distinct versatility and ability to activate spaces based on the specific layout of the site. And now, Revoir points to creative freedom as another quality that sets the system apart, enabling landscape architects to “introduce their vision with limitless configurations, pops of unexpected color, and new energy and dynamism.”

For more information about the Parallel 42 bench system, visit the company’s website.

Based in Kalamazoo, Michigan, Landscape Forms has sales representatives throughout North America, the UK, Southern Europe, the UAE and Asia. The company collaborates with renowned industrial designers and consultancies, landscape architects and architects to develop integrated collections of products that address emerging needs and help create a sense of place. Clients around the world include municipalities, transit centers, corporate, college and healthcare campuses; and such brand leaders as Boeing, Cisco Systems, Disney, Sprint, American Airlines, Herman Miller and Nike.