Source advanced lighting controls with people-centric lighting and efficiency through Legrand’s acquisition of Encelium

The Encelium acquisition will play a key role in strengthening the global brand’s portfolio and leadership in commercial lighting control solutions
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Posted by Johann Nacario — January 23, 2023 — Legrand,  a global provider of electrical, digital infrastructure and connected solutions, has announced its acquisition of Encelium, an Ontario, Canada-based manufacturer of advanced commercial lighting controls.

Legrand acquires EnceliumThe acquisition of Encelium brand and products, which takes effect immediately, comes as part of Legrand’s ongoing global strategy to further strengthen its position in the commercial lighting control sector. A leader in this category, Encelium is already an integral component within thousands of buildings, supporting the needs of occupants, tenants, and facilities managers through people-centric lighting and energy efficiency.

Encelium will become an integral addition to Legrand’s Building Control Systems division, thanks to its in-fixture control options, site lighting, and DALI controls. It joins Legrand’s portfolio of market leaders such as Legrand Wattstopper, Legrand Shading, and Vantage. Together, this collective of brands is poised to develop and support a broader range of new solutions to meet the ever-changing demands of agents, partners, specifiers, and contractors alike.

Andrea Lamieri, general manager, Legrand’s Building Control Systems business, stated:

We have a demonstrated history and proven track record of what can be made possible for innovation, quality and customer service when we invest in and acquire the right products and solutions. The synergy with Encelium was evident from the start — not only from a product and innovation standpoint, but from their “people first” approach that drives their innovation, and their commitment to enhancing the experience of everyone that comes in contact with their products.

This milestone also reportedly brings tremendous opportunity for both parties. With scaling made possible by a multibillion dollar brand, Encelium will now be able to expand both its expertise and capabilities to deliver more innovative lighting solutions to the marketplace than ever before.

Andrea Lamieri added:

We look forward to providing Encelium customers with access to expanded control solutions from Legrand, including the comprehensive digital lighting control platform which extends to DLM motorized shading, and delivers on code-ready solutions. In turn, we’re excited to offer Legrand customers access to an expanded portfolio of solutions that features the signature technology-driven, people-focused Encelium Experience.

Find out more about the acquisition and the companies’ products on Legrand’s Encelium page.