See how these entrance control portals can detect fevers and count 10-40 people/minute for spacing — without extra staff

by Brianna Crandall — July 17, 2020 — MEK (Marantz Electronics) Europe/Americas, specialist in automated optical inspection, has launched the InfraSpector series of entrance control portals for the detection of elevated body temperature (fever detection), and counting the number of people entering and exiting public, commercial and business premises. Created to protect employees and visitors from the spread of viral infections such as those caused by the coronavirus, there are infrared (IR) thermal imaging camera or thermal sensor models available.

The most comprehensive InfraSpector models (C70) are equipped with a thermal camera and detect elevated temperatures while walking through and can measure up to 40 people per minute. On these models, a monitor displays the thermal image, which can be used for additional screening by an operator.

MEK InfraSpector C70 IR camera entrance control portal

The most comprehensive InfraSpector models (shown: C70 Camera System) use a thermal camera to detect elevated temperatures while walking through, measuring up to 40 people per minute. Image courtesy MEK

The thermal sensor (S70) models measure up to 10 people per minute based on the stop-and-go principle on the forehead or with a wrist sensor.

Both systems work by means of a non-contact infrared measurement specially optimized for accurate measurement of temperature on the human body with a maximum deviation of ±0.3 °C (0.54F). To ensure privacy, by default, no data or images are stored in the system. Different configurations and setups are possible to discretely handle audible and visual alarms.

MEK InfraSpector S70 IR sensors entrance control portal

The thermal sensor models (shown: S70 Sensor System) measure up to 10 people per minute based on the stop-and-go principle on the forehead or with a wrist sensor. Image courtesy MEK

The portal is capable of counting incoming and outgoing persons. The display shows the number of attendees for cases where restrictions on visitor numbers are required, such as for social distancing.

An extra-wide version of 120cm (47”), for example for wheelchairs or shopping trolleys, is available.

In our changing world, the threats to human health posed by viruses are intensifying, points out MEK. Corporations are morally or legally obligated to take precautionary measures to protect visitors and employees. The InfraSpector Thermal Entry Screening Portal is a fast and pragmatic tool to help reduce these threats.  Businesses can benefit not only during the current global COVID-19 situation, but also long-term.

MEK notes that thermal entry screening can reduce absenteeism and risk of infection and hence boost productivity. The portal can be operated without the need for additional staff. In many countries, this type of control has already led to government recommendations and regulations, adds the company.

For more information about the InfraSpector series, visit the MEK website.

MEK Europe/Americas originated from MEK Japan (Marantz Electronics Kabushiki Kaisha), a department of Marantz. MEK’s European headquarters opened in 2011, and the US headquarters in 2014.