NeoCon 2022: Innovant benching adds sit/stand, huddle and power features for today’s evolving office

by Brianna Crandall — June 8, 2022 — The post-pandemic return to the office provides employees at all levels of an organization with hybrid working flexibility, including in the executive suite, points out commercial office furniture manufacturer Innovant. Like other office areas, the redefined executive office increasingly turns into a hub for collaborative work or can morph into a flexible work and meeting space for one, two or multiple users.

Innovant Palette benching system

Innovant adds sit/stand desk, huddle table, credenzas and flush-mounted power and data access enhancements to its Palette benching system. Image courtesy of Innovant

Recent Innovant focus groups with architects and designers confirmed that today’s workplace requires furniture and office space to be multifunctional, allowing employees to maximize their in-office productivity through equal access to space, privacy and technology.

Innovant’s forward-thinking answer to these multifaceted challenges is the Palette benching system, a family of furniture and technology support designed in collaboration with San Francisco-based STUDIOS Architecture. Palette can be configured to create highly functional and efficient conference and huddle rooms, as well as shared and private office space.

Palette’s distinctive design feature is a proprietary wall-mounted lattice structure that self-levels and serves as anchor for all wiring and system elements — they simply snap on without tools. This structured approach eliminates the guess work of locating power and technology wires and offers easy access to both, enabling hassle-free furniture installation within hours and ease of reconfiguration further down the road.

The same structured approach ensures that Palette can be specified following a few easy steps, starting with the size of the lattice wall, then adding on table, desk and storage furniture elements, wall tiles and lastly, monitor locations.

The Palette launch at NeoCon 2021 received broad client accolades for its visionary concept, and several projects are already in the process of being installed. At NeoCon 2022, Innovant introduces several Palette enhancements that further expand the system’s configuration capabilities:

  • Three new Sit/Stand Desk options expand the range of Palette executive desk components, now including perpendicular desks cantilevered off the Palette wall — with or without integrated personal storage. These new options consider needs for privacy and interaction in a private office. As with all Innovant desks, sit/stand capabilities are a standard feature.
  • Offices increasingly replace traditional medium-sized conference rooms with smaller, acoustically private meeting rooms that integrate teleconferencing capabilities. Conceived for small teams of up to five people, Innovant’s new space-efficient Huddle Table connects directly to the Palette wall and taps into its signature power and data connections, allowing for equal in-person and remote meeting access for all team members. When adding a sit/stand desk, these meeting rooms can do double duty as private office spaces.
  • Floor Standing Wardrobes and Credenzas achieve an overall more grounded appearance of furniture setups.
  • Dozens of Flush Mounted Power and Data Access configurations now directly integrate into Palette desk and credenza tops and are now available, also in an expanded finish palette.

In listening to and collaborating with their clients, Innovant aims to do justice to its name and create solutions that work today and into the future.

For more information about the Palette benching system and new enhancements, visit the Innovant website.