Novolex funds OZZI reusable packaging and tracking innovations for closed-system foodservice environments

Posted by Johann Nacario May 28, 2024 — South Carolina-based food and delivery packaging provider Novolex has announced a strategic investment in Rhode Island-based reusable systems and container brand OZZI. As a part of this investment, Eco-Products, a Novolex business unit and leader in circular solutions for the foodservice industry, will help accelerate the growth of OZZI.

OZZI reusable packaging container

The O2GO containers have been third-party tested and are certified to perform for more than 1,000 washes. Image courtesy of Novolex

The OZZI family of products and solutions includes O2GO containers, cups, and cutlery; OZZI Drop N’Go Collection Systems; the OZZI Automated Collection Machine; and a Kitchen Collection of racks, baskets, and other equipment to support washing, sanitizing, drying, and storing returned reusables. The O2GO containers have been third-party tested and are certified to perform for more than 1,000 washes.

Reusables are well-positioned for closed-system foodservice environments where consumer convenience and proximity to dedicated return receptacles optimize product return and reuse. OZZI products and solutions are specifically designed for such closed-system environments, including colleges and universities, corporate campuses, military bases and hospitals, where the company has emerged as a leading solution partner at more than 400 campus dining environments.

Tom Wright, CEO and founder of OZZI, stated:

We have seen significant growth in market demand for effective reusable solutions. Over the past 11 years, we have developed an industry-leading approach to offering reusable packaging systems at scale, and we are incredibly excited to partner with Novolex and Eco-Products to help accelerate our growth in the years ahead.

The OZZI solution features an innovative container collection and tracking system. The company’s O2GO containers are equipped with barcode technology that facilitates tracking and are designed to integrate with meal plan systems. The OZZI system works independently and can also be integrated with leading campus meal plan systems including Atrium and CBORD. Earlier this month, OZZI announced a partnership with Atrium, a cloud-based campus card management solution for campus systems that enables OZZI systems to interface with GrubHub, Dining Sidekick by Aramark, Everyday by Sodexo, and other similar platforms.

Ian Jacobson, president of Eco-Products, remarked:

We view reusable packaging as a critical offering in the range of sustainable packaging choices available to the market. An item’s recyclability, compostability, or reusability hinges on the design decisions and infrastructure that support the product through its full life cycle. We have been impressed by OZZI’s ability to support industry-leading levels of reuse, and are excited to combine their technology with the Zero Waste expertise of the Eco-Products sales organization.

Jacobson will be joining OZZI’s board of directors as a part of the transaction.

While demand continues to grow for reusables in closed-system environments across the United States, there are also increasing opportunities for reusable solutions in Canada and Europe, where restrictions on single-use plastic foodservice packaging are driving urgency for reusable solutions. UK-based Vegware, a sister company of Eco-Products, and Eco-Products divisions in Canada and Europe will have access to the full array of OZZI products and solutions to help accelerate global demand for this solution.

More information about OZZI reusable packaging and tracking products and solutions is available at OZZI.