This healthcare-grade disinfectant is proven effective at killing Covid-19 in just 20 seconds — safely

by Brianna Crandall — May 19, 2021 — Third-party testing conducted by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-audited Microchem Laboratory recently confirmed that R-Water’s TK60 healthcare-grade disinfectant eliminates 99.99% of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus that causes Covid-19 in just 20 seconds. According to the Dallas, TX-based manufacturer, this far surpasses the EPA requirement of disinfectants to eliminate 99.9% of Covid-19 in 10 minutes.

R-Water TK60 disinfectant device

TK60 is a safe, one-step healthcare-grade disinfectant produced by R-Water’s patented device. Image courtesy R-Water

TK60 is a one-step healthcare-grade disinfectant produced by R-Water’s patented device. The computerized device gives hospitals, hotels, cruise ships, office buildings, restaurants, schools and other facilities the power to produce cutting-edge cleaning and disinfecting solutions on-site.

R-Water points out that TK60’s results are particularly meaningful when considering patient room turn times in overburdened hospitals. A previous case study revealed that when TK60 was evaluated against Virex 256, a commonly used 10-minute contact time disinfectant, room turn time was decreased by an average of 49 minutes. Contact time is the period a product must sit wet on a surface to be effective, notes the company.

Rayne Guest, founder and CEO of R-Water, remarked:

TK60 is successfully used in numerous hospitals and extended care environments. By prioritizing operational efficiency, organizations can enable our healthcare heroes to focus on patient care versus cumbersome disinfection procedures. It has been extremely gratifying to hear the feedback from our clients during the pandemic.

According to the company, most disinfectants on the EPA List N have a 10-minute contact time.  Additionally, almost all the disinfectants contain hazardous chemicals and require shipping, extensive personal protective equipment, as well as extra labor steps such as precleaning, multiple applications, and rinsing.

TK60, however, is hypoallergenic and produced on-site via a patented device that can provide up to 300 gallons each day. The active ingredient in TK60 is hypochlorous acid (HOCl), the same compound naturally produced by white blood cells to fight infections.

Although TK60 far exceeds EPA standards for efficacy and safety, the agency excludes disinfectants produced by EPA-regulated devices from the List N.  Therefore, it is imperative that corporations review third-party lab reports when choosing a disinfectant to provide the most benefit to their organization.

For more information about the TK60 disinfectant or to access the complete Microchem report, visit the R-Water website. The company says it is committed to reducing the spread of preventable infectious diseases and unnecessary human and environmental exposure to harmful chemicals.