Sentry Interactive’s acquisition of Doordeck enables easy transition to mobile credentialing

by Johann Nacario — June 2, 2022 — Sentry Interactive, an Austin, Texas-based provider of advanced digital detection and communication platforms, has just acquired Doordeck, a UK-headquartered innovator in cloud-based access control and mobile credentialing.

Sentry Interactive acquires DoordeckAccording to Sentry Interactive, Doordeck pioneered a new approach to building safety, security, and access management technology that allows companies to utilize mobile credentialing — while also aggregating across and integrating to the majority of existing access control systems. This gives customers the ability to leverage their current investments and provide mobile access to users and doors everywhere.

While there are many benefits this acquisition creates for customers, the unique approach to frictionless mobile credentialing tops the list, says Sentry Interactive. Mobile access is a key to the future — it allows employees, visitors, and contractors to securely gain access to buildings, elevators, through turnstiles, and into garages with the same interface on both iPhone and Android platforms.

This acquisition comes at a pivotal time in the access control world, as the industry experiences major disruptions in the global supply chain. Doordeck’s software-based system all but eliminates the need for reader hardware components that are difficult to source, creating both cost savings and a reduced time-to-install for customers.

Jason Bohrer CEO of Sentry Interactive, stated:

Revolutionizing the modern workplace and everyday living environments is what excites us. With this acquisition, and a disruptive approach to the traditional access space, we will be leveraging our market leading, cloud-based software solutions and integrating what we both do best for the benefits of our clients. We firmly believe this acquisition places Sentry Interactive at the forefront of mobile access control technology. The power of Doordeck is the ability to provide enterprise level organizations with an unique path to transition to mobile credentials, while also establishing a new option for small to medium-sized businesses looking for a cost effective way to upgrade to electronic access control that was cost prohibitive in the past. This acquisition will be a cornerstone for everything we want to do in the modern workplace moving forward.

As part of the acquisition, the company welcomes William Bainborough, Doordeck’s CEO and co-founder, to the Sentry Interactive Board. Having established his first business at just seventeen, William brings more than 20 years of in-depth experience and industry knowledge in the world of physical and cloud-based access control, electronic security, and telecommunications. His leadership, vision, and experience in creating cutting-edge software-as-a-service (SaaS)-based technology platforms is expected to prove invaluable for Sentry Interactive moving forward.

Bainborough remarked:

We’re excited to join forces with the Sentry Interactive team, in a strategic and scalable partnership where both companies excel. Partnering with Sentry Interactive enables us to rapidly build on our success, providing more firepower to fulfil our mission. With a new, dedicated US sales and business development team, we can cement our footing in the US market and expand our global reach. We can also leverage new development capabilities to deliver additional and exceptional features. We are extremely excited about the potential our two organizations bring together for the future.

Sentry Interactive is an advanced digital communications and detection platform designed to bring workforce and guests together safely and securely in any environment. Sentry’s innovative hardware, cloud infrastructure and cutting-edge technology provide cost-effective, scalable, and secure building and access management to future-proof any building.