Sloan turbine-powered faucet extends battery life

by Brianna Crandall — April 1, 2016—Sloan, Illinois-based manufacturer of commercial plumbing systems used around the world, introduced this week a turbine-powered option for its BASYS faucet line. The turbine technology generates hydroelectric power that can potentially extend faucet battery life up to 10 years.

Sloan faucet

BASYS spout styles for a variety of applications now have turbine power-harvesting capability.

To maximize design opportunities and minimize under-sink clutter, the turbine inside these new BASYS faucets has been miniaturized to fit inside the faucet spout itself. There are no unattractive components hanging beneath the sink or attached to the water supply stops, says Sloan. Installation is simple, and the faucets use commonly available AA batteries. Spout styles that now have turbine power-harvesting capability include:

  • BASYS high-spout style for healthcare and food service applications requiring room for scrubbing, vessel filling or to reach over an elevated basin
  • BASYS mid-spout style for almost any commercial office, hospitality or retail application
  • BASYS-low spout style for institutional, educational and high-traffic public facilities to reduce potential splashing with an integrated base option for vandalism resistance

Potential options include a side-mounted mixing valve for users to adjust temperature. In addition, a battery backup is standard to ensure optimal water delivery.

Andrew Warnes, Sloan faucet product line manager, noted:

This power-harvesting option is the fifth upgrade for our BASYS faucet line. In addition to other power supply options — like AC line power, solar energy harvesting and battery power — the turbine-powered option adds even more choices for the eco-conscious architect and facility owner.

For more information about the BASYS faucet and turbine-powered options, visit the Sloan Web site.