NeoCon 2020: For quiet places to work in the office or home, these mobile isolation pods offer built-in tables and air quality control

by Brianna Crandall — August 12, 2020 — SnapCab Workspace, a provider of privacy pods, recently announced the launch of its new line of office isolation pods. The growing line of mobile, standalone offices has been designed to provide safe, private workspaces for both commercial and home office settings that enable social distancing while still allowing productive collaboration.

COVID-19 has had a significant impact on the working world at present and the vision of the workplace of the future. While initially developing products geared to the healthcare industry such as low-cost testing booths in the early stages of the pandemic, SnapCab identified the need for products like theirs in the transition to the new workplace.

SnapCab’s standard Meet 4, Meet 6 and ADA Compliant Access products were designed to be spaces for groups of people to meet and collaborate in a comfortable, private environment. In response to COVID-19, these products have been adapted into SnapCab’s new office isolation pods, fitted with a full-sized desk and catered to the individual’s specifications. Optional features include a mounted computer screen, HEPA air filter, temperature control, and more.

SnapCab Meet 2 home office pods

The new SnapCab Meet 2 home office pod was designed for the growing need for comfortable, acoustically treated home offices, with finishes to match the home’s aesthetics. Image courtesy SnapCab

Also available now is the new SnapCab Meet 2 home office pod. Using a smaller frame than the office isolation pod, the Meet 2 was designed for the growing need for comfortable, acoustically treated home offices. Numerous finish options offer near endless visual customization, allowing customers to have their Meet 2 offices match the aesthetic of their homes.

Additional products in development either new or in development include a two-person consultation pod featuring two doors and a glass partition, as well as an outdoor pod with applications in both private and public spaces.

All SnapCab Workspace products are UL Listed, seismic certified, air quality tested and easy to clean and disinfect, says the company.

Glenn Bostock, founder and CEO of SnapCab, stated:

We’re responding to a need for products like ours in the post-pandemic workplace, whether it’s teams struggling to collaborate while working remotely, or parents trying to find a quiet place to focus in a house full of people. Our first thought after the coronavirus outbreak was, “Will we be able to stay in business?,” but we quickly realized our pods could be an excellent solution to the challenges of getting people back to work.

Thanks to SnapCab’s long-standing focus on flexibility, safety and modular design, the company says it is uniquely positioned to adapt its designs to respond to new and emerging needs. However, some preexisting products have also found applications in post-pandemic workplaces. The Talk, Focus and Nurture products were designed to be private, independent workspaces, while the Connects demountable wall system can create flexible neighborhoods within a larger space in order to facilitate social distancing.

For more information about the redesigned office isolation pods and new Meet 2 home office pod, visit SnapCab’s New Products — Isolated Office Pods page.