If you need protective screening that integrates with your design, check out this customizable system to minimize germ spread

by Brianna Crandall — August 3, 2020 — COVID-19 is transforming the workplace design sector and forcing companies and organizations to modify their office spaces accordingly. Amid changing health and safety regulations and in response to the growing need for flexible yet stylish workspace solutions, office furniture and storage manufacturer Spacestor has introduced Palisades Vista — a protective screening system designed to help employers retrofit their offices safely and efficiently.

Spacestor protective screening

Panels can be configured into desktop, freestanding, or mobile partitions, and can be customized with acoustic panels, white boards, sanitization stations, storage lockers and more. Image courtesy Spacestor

With transparent acrylic panels and a black metal structure reminiscent of steel-framed windows, Vista builds on the already popular range of Palisades zone dividers offering an attractive, minimalistic solution to limit the spread of germs within the workplace, without restricting valuable interaction among employees.

Palisades Vista offers built-in flexibility and a 3-in-1 solution for the post-shutdown workplace. The panels can be removed from their frames and easily converted into desktop, freestanding, or mobile partitions:

  • The desktop version, which offers protective screening for unlimited adjacent workspaces, can be retrofitted to modify existing desk systems, providing a cost-effective solution for organizations as they adapt to comply with physical distancing guidelines.
  • The freestanding version is suitable for establishing protected zones within an open-plan office.
  • The mobile version can be wheeled around to offer convenient protection for impromptu meetings and temporary workspaces.
Spacestor protectiving screening system configured as a room divider

With transparent acrylic panels and a black metal structure, Palisades Vista offers an attractive, minimalistic solution to limit the spread of germs while enabling employee interaction. Image courtesy Spacestor

Nic Baxter, managing director at Spacestor, remarked:

We designed Palisades Vista with the long term in mind. We have to consider the immediate needs for employee safety and comfort, but in doing so, we cannot abandon our commitment to sustainability and aesthetics. It’s important that we outfit our workplaces with solutions that look great and will endure and evolve with us, rather than products that serve only one purpose and will eventually become obsolete. Palisades Vista is the answer to this challenge, as it can flex and caters to both immediate and long-term needs.

In addition to protecting employees from the spread of the coronavirus or other pathogens, Palisades Vista is also designed to provide a solution to combat the loneliness epidemic — an unfortunate side-effect of remote working and “social distancing.” The clear panels allow employees to remain physically protected from one another, while also enabling visibility and interaction among colleagues. Palisades Vista provides teams with the reassurance they need to return to the office in a setting that prioritizes safety and fosters culture, collaboration, and meaningful human connection.

Customization and sizing

Palisades Vista can be customized with accessories like screen extensions, acoustic panels, white boards, sanitization stations, personal storage lockers, and colored panel options. The storage lockers can be finished in over 40 available colors, allowing the freedom to create custom branded solutions.

The desktop screens are available in six dimensions — 23.6”x47.2”, 23.6”x55”, 23.6”x63”, 31.5”x47.2”, 31.5”x55”, or 31.5”x63” — and can be built out to create protective screening for two-person workstations or more. The freestanding solution measures up to 78.7” tall by 47.2” wide, and the mobile version is 68.9” tall by 47.2” wide.

For more information about the Palisades Vista protective screening system, visit the Spacestor website.

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