Axxerion’s IWMS and Cobundu’s IoT integrate as Spacewell Workplace SaaS to optimize operations and experience

by Brianna Crandall — April 1, 2022 — The workplace is critical to business success. To create high-performance post-pandemic work environments that optimally support a mobile and distributed workforce, workplace professionals today require better tools, better data, and better analytics. This can be achieved by seamlessly integrating cloud software and Internet of Things (IoT)-related technologies. The result? A unified software-as-a-serive (SaaS) solution that provides more actionable and dynamic insights than a traditional integrated workplace management system (IWMS). That solution is embodied in the new brand Spacewell Workplace.

Spacewell Workplace IWMS + IoT

Axxerion’s IWMS and Cobundu’s IoT rebrand as Spacewell Workplace to integrate operations and experience. Image courtesy Spacewell

Spacewell Workplace: IWMS + IoT

Spacewell is part of the listed Nemetschek Group, a digital transformation pioneer in the AEC/O industry. Spacewell’s software and technology solutions focus on the use phase of buildings (management + operations). They support workplace, real estate, energy and facilities managers to improve the performance and sustainability of their building portfolios, the productivity and well-being of the people using these buildings, and the quality of the services delivered to them.

Spacewell’s Axxerion workflow-based facilities management software and its Cobundu IoT platform for Smart Buildings merge into a single software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform solution with a unified user interface and design: Workplace. The fully integrated Workplace solution addresses three interlinked focus areas:

  • Workplace Management
  • Workplace Analytics
  • Workplace Experience

Gilles Ghyssaert, product strategy manager at Spacewell, commented:

We’re very happy to launch the new Workplace solution now. Workplace is high on the agenda of many organizations, and we’re committed to helping them adapt flexibly to the post-pandemic world of work and remain resilient to change.

Joy Trinquet, Smart Building Industry Analyst at Verdantix declared:

This rebranding effort brings together Axxerion’s advanced workflows and Cobundu’s leading IoT functionality to enable greater automation throughout facilities management and the employee experience. Executives are looking to leverage more real-time data on office occupancy, space utilization and asset performance to enable smarter workflows to improve building operations and workplace experience.

Veronika Korchunova, Product Marketing Manager, remarked:

Research firm Verdantix recently named Spacewell a leader in both IWMS and IoT platforms for smart buildings. With the connected Workplace solution, we bring together the best of both worlds: by integrating across both platforms, Spacewell Workplace provides real-time access to high-quality data, supporting real estate and facility managers, as well as service providers, to create healthy, sustainable and people-centric environments where employees can do their best work.

Spacewell Real Estate

In addition, the Axxerion real estate baseline is rebranded to Spacewell Real Estate. This solution is aimed at commercial real estate managers in specific geographies and is independent from Spacewell Workplace.

With its product portfolio repositioning, Spacewell says it shows its continued commitment to providing all building and workplace stakeholders with the insights they need to recast their workplaces for the future of work — whether that workplace is an office building, a hospital floor, a logistics warehouse or any other type of facility.

Check out the new Spacewell Workplace webpage and announcement video.