Protect elevator riders — this continuous disinfection product claims a 99.9% kill rate for germs

by Brianna Crandall — January 6, 2021 — In the age of COVID-19, concerns over social distancing and disinfecting high-touch areas in commercial elevators have beset owners and facilities managers (FMs) across the globe. As a direct response, Stanley Elevator and CASPR Group are partnering to promote the CASPR 200e, a continuous, touch-free disinfectant technology designed exclusively for commercial elevators.

Stanley Elevator is a full-service, independent elevator company serving the New England region. When COVID-19 hit, the company directed its focus toward finding a solution that would help make elevator travel safer in the face of a virus.

CASPR 200e disinfection technology for commercial elevators

The CASPR 200e disinfection device has a 99.9% kill rate against bacteria, viruses, mold, odors and VOCs in commercial elevators. Image courtesy Stanley Elevator, CASPR Group

Ryan Hussey, vice president of Operations for Stanley Elevator, remarked:

Elevators are essential, but they are also difficult to keep clean, even with the most robust cleaning schedules. We knew we needed to do everything in our power to help our customers enhance their existing cleaning processes, because in apartment buildings, medical facilities and hospitals, there isn’t always an alternate route.

The Stanley Elevator team launched a partnership with CASPR Group, a health technology innovator that has specialized in touch-free disinfection technology for the healthcare industry for almost 20 years, with the goal of testing and implementing an effective disinfecting technology designed for commercial elevators. By the time COVID-19 had reached pandemic levels, CASPR had introduced the CASPR 200e, a discreet device designed to remove a variety of illness-causing pathogens from elevators.

The CASPR 200e converts humidity in the air from H₂O (water) to H₂O₂ (hydrogen peroxide), and uses special ultraviolet (UV) lighting and a photocatalyst to create an advanced oxidation process. It’s silent, small, easy to install, and designed for elevators up to 200 square feet.

Although the CASPR 200e was not developed specifically for COVID-19, it has already proven to be effective against similar coronaviruses, such as SARS and H1N1. In an elevator-specific study, the technology proved to have up to a 99.9% kill rate against bacteria, viruses, mold, odors and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Stanley Elevator and CASPR tested the CASPR 200e in 10 elevators in several settings throughout Massachusetts, including apartment buildings and college campuses, and the results reportedly indicated that the technology worked as well in elevators as it had at previously tested installation sites. All 10 sites showed dramatic reductions of up to 99% in pathogen levels on all high-touch surfaces and in the air.

John LaRochelle, chief executive officer at Environmental Infection Production, a third-party company that tested and verified the results, stressed the importance of this technology.

LaRochelle pointed out:

Elevators create an impossible social distancing situation. This technology helps create another level and layer of risk mitigation.

Stanley Elevator says the health and safety of elevator passengers remains a top focus of the company for 2020 and beyond. For the most effective results, the company recommends using the CASPR 200e in addition to regular cleaning and maintenance.

The CASPR 200e Elevator Purifier and Disinfectant is available to elevator service companies and elevator owners through Stanley Innovation, which is Stanley Elevator’s technology partner and the exclusive distributor of the product for the elevator market.