The best U.S. cities for remote workers in 2023

Posted by Johann Nacario — December 2, 2022 — If you could work from anywhere, where would you choose to live? More importantly, which U.S. cities would set you up for success?

With over 60% of job seekers today preferring remote work, lawn care services provider LawnStarter ranked 2023’s Best Cities for Remote Workers.

The company compared the 200 biggest U.S. cities based on 20 remote worker-friendliness factors, such as internet quality, cost of living, and access to coworking spaces. Researchers even considered financial bonuses that local and state governments offer prospective telecommuting incomers.

Check out the 10 best (and 10 worst) cities for remote workers below, followed by some highlights and “lowlights” from the report. (See where your city ranks here.)

LawnStarter ranking of best/worst cities for remote workers

Remote Paradise: Live your best remote life in Plano, Texas, the 2023 gold medalist. What gave Plano the edge over the other 199 big cities this time?

Spacious homes, the highest broadband coverage, and low crime all boosted the city’s score. However, Plano really stands out in financial metrics. The city has the 10th most affordable rent, no state income tax (like all other Texas cities), and the 19th highest average household income.

California Pipe Dreaming: Unless you have a California-sized salary to match the state’s generally high-dollar lifestyle, you might look for greener remote pastures elsewhere.

Not only are all 10 of 2023’s bottom cities in California, but also only two rank (just slightly) above average overall, Roseville (No. 90) and Oakland (No. 95). What the Golden State lacks: generous square footage and affordable goods and services. There are exceptions in each category, but they’re few and far between.

Eco Boost: Of the 200 big cities LawnStarter ranked, only six offer financial aid to attract remote workers looking for a new place to put down roots. Rochester, New York, takes the No. 1 spot in this metric, offering a whopping $19,000 bonus. Savannah, Georgia, claims sixth place, luring potential incomers with a $2,000 bait.

Sadly, none of the six cities landed in the top 25, but that’s to be expected. The whole reason for offering cash is to draw in more professionals who otherwise might not consider those cities their next home, and to help revitalize their struggling economies, notes LawnStarter.

LawnStarter remote workers infographic

Infographic courtesy of LawnStarter. Click to enlarge.

The full rankings and analysis for 2023’s Best Cities for Remote Workers are available from LawnStarter.

Why is LawnStarter ranking the Best Cities for Remote Workers?

Like many companies, LawnStarter went fully remote in 2020. The company says it understands the pros and cons of telecommuting for its employees, and LawnStarter’s vice president of Engineering, Alberto Silveira, literally wrote the book on how to lead distributed teams.