The Top Corporate Security Threats

Pinkerton released its seventh annual survey, Top Security Threats and Security Issues Facing Corporate America, on April 4. The study identified the following top 20 security threats, listed in the order ranked by the survey respondents:

  1. Workplace violence
  2. Internet/intranet security
  3. Business interruption and disaster recovery (tie)
  4. Fraud/white-collar crime
  5. Employee selection/screening concerns
  6. General employee theft
  7. Unethical business conduct
  8. Hardware/software theft
  9. Drugs/alcohol in the workplace
  10. Sexual harassment/EEOC
  11. Business espionage/theft of trade secrets
  12. Property crime (external theft, vandalism)
  13. “Inadequate security” litigation and “Negligent hiring” litigation (tie)
  14. Insurance/workers’ compensation fraud
  15. Terrorism
  16. Political unrest/regional instability
  17. Kidnapping/extortion
  18. Cargo/supply-chain theft
  19. Product diversion/trans-shipment
  20. Product contamination/tampering

The survey found that the top management challenge facing security professionals is keeping up with advances in technology, specifically the selection and integration of access control, monitoring, incident management, and other electronic systems to reduce risk. It also reported that although seven of the top 10 security threats are internal (i.e., employee-related) concerns, approximately 20 percent of Fortune 1000 companies said they do not consistently perform criminal-records checks on job applicants.

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