Trojan Battery launches 24- and 36-volt lithium-ion batteries for commercial floor-cleaning equipment

Designed for professional floor-cleaning equipment, the new lithium-ion batteries combine long runtime with long life to maximize equipment uptime. Trojan lithium-ion batteries are ideal for organizations that want to drive efficiency now and in the long term with a low total cost of ownership over their life.

posted by Johann NacarioTrojan Battery Company, a U.S.-based manufacturer of batteries for floor-cleaning applications, is introducing its 24- and 36-volt lithium-ion batteries this week at Booth 1151 of the ISSA Show North America 2022. The new batteries are the latest addition to Trojan’s trusted family of lithium-ion products, which also includes a GC2 48-V Lithium-Ion Battery, launched in 2021.

Trojan 24V 36V 48V lithium-ion batteries

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Trojan Lithium-Ion Battery benefits include:


  • Long lifetime with virtually zero maintenance
  • Boosts runtimes and slashes downtime
  • Comes with an 8-year warranty
  • Fast charging, and allows for opportunity charging
  • Helps to reduce the number of machines needed and labor costs
  • Reduces total cost of ownership (TCO)

As a complete battery solutions provider, Trojan will showcase the new lithium-ion range as well as their full portfolio of flooded lead-acid, AGM, and gel offerings at the ISSA Show. Energy-storage experts will answer questions and help attendees select the best options for their applications.

Key differentiators of Trojan’s lithium-ion batteries

Oleg Dratsch, director, Lithium Product Management, stated:

Using our extensive experience, we engineered our new batteries to solve additional problems that are especially important given today’s labor shortages, rising wages and inflation.

Imagine completing daily floor cleaning without worrying if the equipment will make it back to the charger and not having to worry about battery maintenance and replacements for the life of the machine. Trojan Battery is offering the floor-care market peace of mind and maximum efficiency with our new 24- and 36-volt lithium-ion batteries.

Lithium-ion reduces TCO

While the original purchase price of lithium-ion batteries is higher than that of flooded lead-acid or AGM batteries, the total cost of ownership can be considerably less, according to Trojan. That’s largely because other types of batteries must be replaced every one to three years, while lithium-ion batteries can last for the lifetime of the floor-care equipment.

Service you can bank on

Trojan has a long history in the commercial cleaning industry and an infrastructure designed to improve every step of the customer experience. The company:

  • Brings nearly 100 years of experience to every product we make
  • Supplies major OEMs including one of the industry’s largest manufacturers
  • Operates a U.S.-based Customer Support Line with knowledgeable employees, including some dedicated to lithium-ion technology
  • Maintains a substantial international network of trained Trojan Master Distributors
  • Guarantees their batteries with long dependable warranties

To learn more about the 24- and 36-volt lithium-ion batteries, visit Trojan Battery at ISSA Show’s Booth 1151 or online.  Find your local Trojan Master Distributor here.

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Leading manufacturers of golf, personal transportation, and utility vehicles as well as marine equipment, floor-cleaning machines, and aerial-work platforms depend on Trojan batteries to power their products. Since 1925, Santa Fe Springs, California-based Trojan Battery Company, a part of C&D Technologies, has focused on revolutionizing deep-cycle battery technology by introducing generations of deep-cycle flooded, AGM, and gel batteries as well as its new lithium-ion battery.