Triage your building system issues and set a course to modernize aging components, with this enhanced BAS

by Brianna Crandall — January 15, 2021 — The latest version of the Metasys Building Automation System (BAS), Metasys Release 11.0, has now been launched, delivering enhanced system performance and new cybersecurity capabilities. The system’s new and updated features help building owners and facilities managers (FMs) identify and solve issues to avoid equipment failure and energy waste, while also providing a flexible modernization path for aging system components. Metasys is part of Johnson Controls, a global provider of technology for smart and sustainable buildings.

Metasys Building Automation System (BAS) v11.0

Metasys Building Automation System (BAS) v11.0 identifies issues to avoid equipment failure and energy waste, and provides a modernization path for aging system components. Image courtesy Metasys

Fault detection and diagnostic capabilities

Metasys Release 11.0 introduces a new, licensable Fault Detection and Fault Triage feature suite. By identifying building system-related faults, in order of severity, and providing suggested possible causes and corrective actions, it helps operators of varying experience levels quickly and easily identify and troubleshoot issues to keep systems running optimally and building occupants comfortable.

Modernizing systems with next-generation hardware and cyber security enhancements

Metasys 11.0 also introduces:

  • Several new models to the high-power Metasys hardware platform
    • New equipment controller models, built with total cost in mind, to streamline installation time and costs and provide scalable options for any building management need
    • A new Supervisory Network Controller Series model that includes an on-board interface to give operators the ability to quickly and clearly monitor equipment status, view alarms, see trends, issue overrides, and change setpoints and parameters
  • FIPS 140-2 Level 1 Compliance for Metasys Network Engines and Application Servers, which provides a strong cyber security technique to help prevent unauthorized access to customer systems and data

The increasingly urgent need to protect data and buildings and gain measurable results requires an up-to-date building automation system. Metasys 11.0 provides a flexible modernization path for customers with the porting over of feature functionality from legacy system components and enhanced replacements for aging hardware devices.

Chris Eichmann, vice president and general manager, Global Controls Products at Johnson Controls, stated:

We designed Metasys 11.0 to help customers with their most critical outcomes — to protect and secure their building investments and to do their jobs more efficiently. The seamless connection with OpenBlue will power the next generation of future-proofed building systems for our customers.

Metasys connects into the OpenBlue dynamic platform from Johnson Controls. This connection enables a cost-effective and safer return to the workplace, remote energy management, future-proof open technology, digital transformation and award-winning artificial intelligence (AI) to accelerate sustainability and operational efficiency goals. It provides the data historian for the OpenBlue Enterprise Manager and the Building Operation Mode Dashboard as part of the OpenBlue Clean Air set of solutions. OpenBlue was designed with agility, flexibility and scalability in mind to enable buildings to become dynamic spaces for customers that deliver environments that have memory, intelligence and unique identity.

Over 30 years of innovation and customer successes

First launched in 1990, Metasys BAS was one of the first systems to use a personal computer as a host. Since then, Metasys has delivered over three decades of continuous innovation by providing new features and enhancements designed to help building operators do their jobs more easily.

  • Now in its third generation, there have been 23 major and minor Metasys releases since 2003.
  • The global Metasys footprint spans all seven continents and includes over 40,000 installations in over 150,000 buildings.
  • In 2015, Metasys Release 7.0 introduced the Metasys user interface, which organizes information according to building spaces and the equipment that serves them, reducing learning time by 96%.

To learn more about Metasys Release 11.0 and to sign up for the January 26 webinar, Introducing Metasys Release 11.0, visit the Metasys website.

With a global team of 100,000 experts in more than 150 countries and over 130 years of innovation, Johnson Controls building technologies and solutions brands for security, energy management, fire protection and HVACR include Tyco, York, Metasys, Ruskin, Titus, Frick, Penn, Sabroe, Simplex, Ansul and Grinnell.