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Watch the Operational Excellence Virtual Summit on-demand

Learn best practices for commission and retro-commissioning, as well as operational and capital planning

Is your building operating the way it was designed? Achieving operational excellence is a goal of all facility managers, but it takes strategic planning and execution. Making sure the systems and people are operating as expected requires a strong understanding of key performance indicators (KPIs) to ensure the correct technology, systems and procedures are in place.

Achieving operational excellence

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The two sessions from the Operational Excellence Virtual Summit are now available on-demand from fnPrime.

Session 1: Achieving Operational Excellence Through Commissioning and Retro-commissioning

Building commissioning is one of the most important processes for ensuring the systems within a newly constructed or renovated facility are operating efficiently. Retro-commissioning achieves the same goal for existing buildings. Travis Short, director of commissioning for Henderson Building Solutions, walks through the ins and outs of both processes and how they benefit facility operators, owners, and end users.

Session 2: Using Your Capital Wisely: What Every FM should Know About Operational and Capital Planning

Shrinking operational budgets, increasing deferred maintenance, and an organizational bias towards new construction rather than maximizing the life of existing facilities can lead to a sense of impending doom: “Why doesn’t anyone else see the problem? How much longer can this go on before we have a major system failure?” John Edwards, vice president and associate at Facility Engineering Associates, helps facility managers think about facility planning using economic principles for long-term management and help them shape future approaches for management of their portfolios.