Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC)

PWGSC supports the daily operations of nearly 106 federal departments and agencies in the Government of Canada. Services include: purchasing goods and services on behalf of the government; providing government office accommodations; managing national heritage properties; and offering IT, telecommunications, translation, banking, auditing, and many other services to the government.

Quality magazine

The online portal of Quality magazine, a free monthly business publication serving the quality assurance and process improvement needs of manufacturing professionals. The magazine reports on the use of sound metrology methods, statistical analysis, and process improvement techniques to significantly improve quality on the shop floor and in manufacturing planning. Focuses on the practical application of and latest advancements in: metrology methods and equipment, software and analytical tools, and quality management (ISO/QS 9000 standards, etc.)

RadTown USA [EPA]

This site from the US Environmental Protection Agency uses an interactive virtual community of schools, homes, construction equipment, and more to show where radiation can be found. Click on the pictures to learn about radiation sources or radiation- treated items that might be found there. The information is organized in fact sheets, with links to additional information resources. Every fact sheet includes the types of radiation sources at the location, the roles that federal, state, and local governments play in protection and control, and normal steps that individuals can take to protect themselves.

Real Estate Board of New York (REBNY)

This site includes a lot of real estate and real property activity with significance far beyond the New York City metropolitan area that it serves. The group is very active on many fronts in legislative and regulatory arenas. The site offers a list of members’ Web sites, education, a calendar, publications, and online leases.


Real estate search engine and directory with extensive links to real estate associations, construction, commercial real estate (CRE) financing, residential financing, mortgage calculator tools, real estate jobs, markets, properties, property management, real estate research resources, service provider directory, and real estate technology sites. Offers news on CRE research, tech, and transactions, as well as mortgage calculator tools and current interest rates.

Reed Construction Data

Reed Construction DataÕs portfolio of products and services includes national, regional and local construction data, building product information, construction cost data, market analytics and advertising channels to construction industry professionals in the United States and Canada. Reed Design Registry is a database of more than 30,000 U.S. architectural firms. RSMeans (see FMLink listing below) provides construction cost data, training, and consulting services. Reed Construction Data Canada offers similar project leads services throughout their provinces.


Offers one-stop investment analysis for those interested in real estate and real estate securities, with an introduction to REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts), a REIT glossary, numerous related links, thousands of abstracts of real estate articles (RealSource), news, a suggested reading list, and access to the Dividend Discount Model (under “REIT Valuation”). Many services are free.

Renewable Energy Policy Project (REPP) / Center for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technology (CREST)

REPP promotes renewable energy by providing credible information, policy analysis, and strategies, and hosting online renewable energy discussion groups. It now includes CREST, whose mission was to educate the public on renewable energy, provide interactive software, and host renewable energy discussion groups on its Solstice Web site. The site offers a Global Energy Marketplace Database.

Responsible Care

A global chemical industry performance initiative implemented in the US through the American Chemistry Council. Members of the voluntary initiative exceed government requirements and communicate their results to the public. The site outlines the principles and the progress of member companies and their business partners in such areas as: environmental impact; employee, product, and process safety; chemical industry security; product stewardship: managing product safety and public communication; and accountability through management system certification.

Ricin [CDC]

This site from the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) addresses the use of ricin as a bioterrorism agent. It covers basic information about ricin poisoning, clinical guidance for diagnosis and treatment, information for first responders, laboratory testing, news, and training.


This site covers “risk news and views,” with organizations, publications, and summaries of books and software that cover such topics as bioterrorism, engineering, environment & ecology, natural hazards, risk assessment & management, technology, and toxicology.


Comprehensive source of construction cost information. A product line of Reed Construction Data, RSMeans provides accurate cost information that helps owners, developers, architects, engineers, contractors, and others project and control the cost of both new building construction and renovation projects.


SkipTheDrive offers free, no-registration-required job listings for what are said to be legitimate part-time or full-time telecommuting, remote and virtual jobs. The site’s Telecommuting Savings Calculator can calculate the amount of time and money a person can save by working from home as opposed to commuting on a daily basis. The site also provides a Blog with Tips and Advice, Telecommuting Opportunities, and Telecommuting Statistics and Facts, and other Resources.

Smallpox [OSHA]

This site from the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) gives information on smallpox, a highly contagious disease that was declared eradicated in 1980 but could reportedly cause a public health catastrophe if deliberately released as a bioweapon. The site includes applicable OSHA standards and controls that should be utilized to protect affected workers from exposure to smallpox.

Smart Communities Network

This site from the National Center for Appropriate Technology (NCAT) showcases successful sustainable communities, helps users locate technical and financial resources for sustainable development projects, and offers access model codes and ordinances other communities have used to implement sustainable development. The site offers case studies, links, a newsletter, and a sustainability newsletter. Topics include: green buildings, green development, land use planning, measuring progress, disaster planning, community energy, transportation, sustainable business, financing, rural issues, resource efficiency, and air/water/materials.

Society of Industrial and Office Realtors (SIOR)

International professional commercial and industrial real estate association; professional affiliate of the National Association of Realtors (NAR). Members specialize in industrial, office, sales manager, executive manager, or advisory services categories. Associate members include corporate executives, developers, educators, and others involved in the CRE industry. The site offers numerous resources, and information about SIOR education and events. Also offers a “Locate a Property” page for locating commercial properties for sale or lease, and locating executive office suites in the US and worldwide for long- or short-term rental.


Offers world solar energy news headlines, an Expo to find solar energy companies worldwide, an introduction to solar photovoltaics, a guide to buying a solar energy system, solar industry statistics, solar equipment manufacturers, and more. The company also offers research and consultancy services, PV industry reports, and numerous publications

State Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Database [DOE]

This searchable database from the US Department of Energy’s Hydrogen Program and Fuel Cells 2000 shows fuel cell and hydrogen activities in the US. It includes stationary fuel cell installations, hydrogen fueling stations, and vehicle demonstrations, and as well as state initiatives, policy, and partnerships aimed at advancing these technologies. The site offers fuel cell and hydrogen basic information and extensive resources.

State Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Policy and Demonstration Database [DOE]

This searchable database from the US Department of Energy’s Hydrogen Program and Fuel Cells 2000 shows fuel cell and hydrogen activities in the US. The database allows access to information on stationary fuel cell installations, vehicle demonstrations, and fueling stations as well as state policies, initiatives, and legislation aimed at advancing these technologies. It also includes information on fuel cells used to power vending machines, appliances, electronics, and facilities.