The purpose of this Web site is to provide the most complete and comprehensive resource possible on the topic of asbestos and the effects that it can have on the lives of people around the world. It includes a section on common products that contain asbestos, and a section on asbestos removal and abatement, which links to its sister site (see FMLink entry above).

ASIS International

Formerly the American Society for Industrial Security, ASIS International is a global organization for professionals responsible for security, including managers, executives, architects, and law enforcement. The site provides both general and specific security information, news, and advice; government advisories; publications; Security Management Online magazine; and educational opportunities, including the ASIS International Annual Seminar and Exhibits.

Asset Skills

Asset Skills is the UK Sector Skills Council for the Property, Facilities Management, Housing, and Cleaning industries. This employer-led, independent organization’s mission is to improve and develop skills in these sectors by working with professional bodies, trade associations, employers, and training providers. The site provides the latest news, views, and initiatives from Asset Skills. The FM site (and similarly the other sectors’ sites) offers specific news, career information, qualifications, occupational standards, apprenticeships, publications, case studies, professional bodies, Housing H&S Rating Guide, and membership information.

Association for Facilities Engineering (AFE)

AFE provides education, certification, technical information and other relevant resources for plant and facilities engineering, operations, and maintenance professionals worldwide. The site offers information on AFE certification; professional development, education and training; a Facilities Management Market (a directory of firms serving plant engineers and FMs [see listing below]), a career center, and publications.

Association of Higher Education Facilities Officers (APPA)

Formerly the Association of Physical Plant Administrators, APPA serves FMs at college and university campuses. APPA offers The Leadership Academy, Institute for Facilities Management, and Supervisor’s Toolkit educational programs geared to physical plant administration. The site provides news briefs, research, a job-listing service, information services, and a list of its publications, including article titles in Facilities Manager, which contains articles specific to management of academic facilities.

Avian Flu: Guidance for Protecting Employees Against Avian Flu [OSHA]

This site from the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration offers resources in English and Spanish about protecting employees against avian (bird) flu. The site offers OSHA publications, useful links, and OSHA QuickCards for workers in specific industries and situations, including lab workers, medical personnel, food handlers, airline flight crews, and travelers. The OSHA guides tell how to minimize exposure to avian flu and how to protect workers after an outbreak occurs, and include links to more information about protective equipment and biosecurity measures.

Bendheim Architectural Glass

Bendheim provides unique specialty architectural glass for high-profile commercial installations spanning building facades, interior partitions, walls, doors, elevator interiors and more. The site offers general resources to explain architectural glass manufacturing and industry terms, CSI drop-in specifications, how to maintain specialty glass, LEED points available, and more.

Bioterrorism [CDC]

This site from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) contains information about bioterrorism, including specific bioterrorism agents (anthrax, plague, ricin, smallpox, tularemia, etc.); info for the general public; info for professionals, such as first responders, on surveillance, preparation & planning, etc.; and related resources from state and local health departments.

Bioterrorism Preparedness, Planning, and Response [CIDRAP]

This site from the Center for Infectious Disease Research & Policy (CIDRAP) at the University of Minnesota gives the text of all federal directives relating to bioterrorism preparedness, planning, and response. It contains a chart of the related key responsibilities of various federal agencies; Local and State Planning directives and guidelines; issues concerning Hospital Preparedness; and a section on the Protection of Building Environments.

Bloodborne Pathogens and Needlestick Prevention [OSHA]

This site from the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) offers information for the nearly six million workers in the healthcare industry and related occupations that OSHA says are at risk of occupational exposure to bloodborne pathogens, including human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), hepatitis B virus (HBV), hepatitis C virus (HCV), and others. It includes applicable OSHA standards and some possible solutions for workplace hazard control.

Blue Book Building and Construction Network

Serving the AEC industry since 1913, The Blue Book Network offers “the largest, most targeted construction search engine in the nation” as well as nearly 30 regional Blue Book directories annually. The network includes contractors, suppliers, architects, engineers, building owners, real estate developers, property managers and more. The construction database and other AEC Solutions enable professionals to find and spec products; share plans and specs; streamline bid communications; and view, markup and takeoff project documents.

British Council for Offices (BCO)

This organization researches, develops and communicates best practices in all aspects of the office sector, and works to advance the collective understanding of its members, enabling them to work together to create more effective office space. Its Web site includes a Research Portal and Best Practice Guides.

Building Energy Software Tools Directory [DOE’s EERE]

This directory from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy provides information on over 400 building software tools for evaluating energy efficiency, renewable energy, and sustainability in buildings. It includes databases, spreadsheets, component and systems analyses, and whole-building energy performance simulation programs, each with a short description and analysis of the tool.

Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) International

BOMA provides a network forum for industry professionals; offers comprehensive industry research and office building performance data and publications, products, and services to assist the owners and managers of commercial office space; and through its government affairs and codes representation addresses the needs and interests of office building owners, investors, developers, and managers to national, state, provincial and local legislators. BOMA also has an awards program that recognizes excellence in building management, operational efficiency, tenant retention, emergency planning and community impact. The site offers information on BOMA advocacy, educational services, conferences, member associations, research and resources.

Building Owners and Managers Institute (BOMI) International

A nonprofit education institute whose mission is to provide learning opportunities that enhance individual performance and add value to organizations in the building and facilities industry. BOMI is known for its industry-standard designations: the Real Property Administrator (RPA), the Facilities Management Administrator (FMA), the Systems Maintenance Administrator (SMA), and the Systems Maintenance Technician (SMT). The site provides comprehensive information on the wide variety of educational offerings of the Institute.

Building Performance Institute Europe (BPIE)

BPIE is dedicated to improving the energy performance of buildings across Europe. The Web site offers free access to some of BPIE’s studies/publications, including European Buildings under the Microscope: A country-by-country review of the energy performance of European buildings, and links to other organizations focused on energy management.

Building Surveying

This site, which relies on contributions from users, aims to provide a simple, quick library of images and other information for building surveyors or other people interested in buildings and building defects. The images cover buildings, defects, and construction work in progress/repairs. The site also offers links to the College of Estate Management and related building sites.

Building Technologies Program [EERE]

Under the Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, this site offers news, events, publications, links to Energy Solutions For Your Building (office, retail, health care, university, government, high performance, etc.), and a Building Toolbox: a comprehensive guide for creating more efficient, affordable buildings (including design, construction, operation & maintenance, and software).

BuildingGreen Suite

BuildingGreen Suite is a subscription-based online resource for environmentally sensitive design and construction, with a wide range of “unbiased, reliable” information, from articles and product listings to project case studies. Some material is free to the public. Some material available online is also available in print publications: Environmental Building News (EBN) and the GreenSpec product directory.

BuildingGreen, Inc., publishes Environmental Building News for environmentally sustainable design and construction, EBN Archives, GreenSpec Directoryfor green building products, and Green Building Advisor software tool. The site offers information, products, publications, case studies, and other resources on the topics of green policy, process, land use, site & water, energy efficiency, materials, and indoor environmental quality.

Buildings Energy Efficiency [DOE]

This research area of the Environmental Energy Technologies Division of the US Department of Energy’s (DOE) Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory covers EETD’s work on energy-efficient lighting, windows, roofs, software, and building systems. Researchers and industry partners develop building technologies that increase energy efficiency and improve the comfort, health, and safety of building occupants. Research, publications, and links are offered in: Applications, Commercial Buildings, Cool Roofs & Heat Islands, Demand Response, Lighting Systems, Simulation Tools, and Windows & Daylighting. provides steel building planning and purchasing information, including commercial and industrial applications such as storage, factories, retail and warehouses. It offers clear guidance on the financial, safety and sustainability advantages of recyclable steel buildings, as well as the costs involved.

buildingSMART alliance

This alliance is a participating organization of the worldwide International Alliance for Interoperability (IAI) and acts as the North American chapter. It was established to coordinate the profound constructive changes coming to the fragmented real property industry in North America, with the collective goal of open interoperability and full lifecycle implementation of building information models. The focus is to guarantee lowest overall cost, optimum sustainability, energy conservation, and environmental stewardship to protect the earth’s ecosystem.